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Gas Sensor Modules

High Performance NDIR Gas Sensor Modules

smartGAS gas sensors use infra-red absorption of sg evo gases (NDIR technology) and thus are accurate, reliable and cost-efficient. They are suitable for an extremely wide variety of applications in process measuring technology and ambient air monitoring.


Compact NDIR Gas Sensor Modules

Electro Optical Components offers a wide range of sensors based on the NDIR Principle. They are designed for a reliable detection of the A variety of gases.



Low Cost NDIR CO2 Sensor Module

EOC introduces a low cost CO2 NDIR sensor module for gas detection applications including indoor air monitoring, agriculture etc.


Heads Ready To Use for NDIR, Electrochemical

Electro Optical Components offers a wide range of ready-to-use detector heads, already certified as a component or a complete device. They can enclose different technologies: NDIR, Electrochemical and catalytic, to be mounted on gas detectors in any environment. Contact us for more info