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Fast and precise solar radiation measurements

greenTEG’s gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensor enables fast and highly precise solar radiation measurements (i.e. ultraviolet and near-infrared radiation). Precise data on solar radiation is indispensable for the optimization of photovoltaic installations, in meteorological research or in building automation systems.

Solar measurement applications:

To measure solar radiation, the gSKIN® can either be used as is or as a built in part of a pyranometer or other measurement systems. When solar rays hit the black coated sensor they are converted into heat, which in turn is converted into an output voltage by the ultra-sensitive thermopiles of the sensor. To calculate the heat flux, the output voltage is divided by the sensor-specific sensitivity. You can easily read-out the signal with a datalogger or a volt meter.

Advantages of the gSKIN® for solar measurements

The following features make the gSKIN® the ideal tool for solar measurements:

Application Note for Solar Radiation