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Energy Harvesting

Thermoelectric generators (TEG) generate electricity from any thermal source. If one side of the TEG is warmer, or colder than the other, electricity is generated. TEGs function without toxic substances or moving parts guaranteeing a long, maintenance free life cycle. Energy harvesting refers to the process in which small amounts of electricity are generated for applications such as sensors, actuators, consumer electronics and applications in research.

Energy harvesting utilizes existing thermal sources to generate electricity. The thermal difference between the human body and ambient air, or the heat emitted by a central heating tube are typical examples of applicable thermal sources. Unlike Waste heat recovery, energy harvesting only generates small amounts of electricity.

Possible applications of gTEG®s as energy harvesting modules include, but are not restricted to:

greenTEG is currently developing energy harvesting solutions in close co-operation with original equipment manufacturers.

greenTEG’s Energy Harvesting Technology is not yet commercially available.

If you would like to integrate energy harvesting modules into your product and need technical consulting, please email us. We will be happy to support you with our extensive know-how!