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gRAY® Heat Flux Sensor
Thermal Laser Power Detectors

Laser power monitoring is crucial in ensuring the optimal operation of your laser system. gRAY® laser power detectors measure in real time and provide you with accurate data. Since all gRAY® modules are based on thermal sensors, they detect radiation power independent of the laser wavelength. Integrating these into your system will supply you and your customers with a key parameter that will enable more reliable system operation.


gRAY® detectors fulfill three of the most common demands:


gRAY® detectors come in various sizes and with diverse specs. The unique requirements for different fields of applications can be met by choosing the optimal detector module.


Get your laser power measurements done faster with the fully integrated laser power head.

gRAY® Housed Detectors

Product Number Power Range Aperture Size Housing
C05-HC 5mW - 5W Ø25mm Convection
C10-HC 10mW - 10W
C50-HW 50mW - 50W Water Cooling
C100-HW 100mW - 100W


Build the mounted detector module into your monitoring unit to record laser powers – even if space is limited.


gRAY® Mounted Laser Power Detector

Product Number Power Range Detector Size Housing
C50-MC 50mW - 50W Ø26mm Convection
B05-MC 10uV/W - 5W 10 x 10mm2 PCB


Measure uW laser powers with highest accuracy with the thermally compensated detector module.

gRAY® PCB Mounted Laser Power Detector

Product Number Power Range Detector Size Housing
B05-MC 10uV/W - 5W 10 x 10mm2 PCB


Avoid wavelength or angle dependence of your detector signal by integrating gRAY® sensor components into your laser sources.

  • 100 uW to 5 W power range
  • Linear power response
  • Signal independent of illumination angle
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Simple integration on PCBs
  • Attractive OEM pricing
  • Various sizes available (2×2 to 30×30 mm2)

gRAY® Bare Die Components

Product Number Power Range Detector Size Housing
B01-SC 100uW - 1W 4.4 x 4.4mm2  Ultra Thin Design
B05-SC 100uW - 5W 10 x 10mm2
B0.5-SC 500mW 2 x 2mm2

PCB Mounted Small Power Detectors

To facilitate the integration of their smaller detectors, greenTEG offers them now pre-mounted onto a small metal core PCB. This little board can easily be mounted onto a holder with two screws. Next to the laser power sensor they have placed a temperature sensor. You can monitor and compensate for temperature influences.

gRAY® PCB Mounted Small Power Detectors

Product Number Power Range Detector Size Housing
B01-SMC 1W Max. 4.4 x 4.4mm2  Metal Core PCB
B05-SMC 5W Max. 10 x 10mm2

Positioning Sensor 

greenTEG’s Infrared Position Detector is a Thermal PSD (Position Sensitive Device). The Thermal PSD consists of a Thermopile Laser Power Sensor, in which the thermocouples are electrically connected in four separate sections. (see schematic drawing below). The sensors are packaged to ensure the thermal coupling of all four quadrants and coated with a black absorber. An incoming laser beam introduces a lateral heat flow in the Thermal PSD, which causes a position dependent voltage signal in each of the four quadrants. The latter allows you to determine exactly where the laser beam is positioned. This Wikipedia article gives a good explanation of the PSD concept: PSD on Wikipedia

As Thermal PSDs consist of a thermopile laser detector, they offer the same advantages as thermopile detectors.

How to use a Thermal PSD

Thermal PSDs work very similarly to conventional PSDs. The only difference in usage is that a Thermal PSD generates voltage signals, instead of a current signal. As these voltage signals are typically in the mV range, voltage signal amplification is needed prior to data interpretation.

Applications for Thermal PSD’s

Thermal PSD’s can be used for a number of positioning applications. The most common applications are

gRAY® Positioning Sensor

Product Number Power Range Aperture Size Housing
B05-PC 70mV/W - 5W 18 x 18mm2 Convection

gRay® Product Brochure

Applications Notes: