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Waste Heat Recovery

Thermoelectric generators (TEG) generate electricity from any thermal source. If one side of the TEG is warmer, or colder than the other, electricity is generated. Waste heat recovery refers to the process in which comparably large amounts of electricity are generated from emitted waste heat, and then fed back into the grid. The main difference to energy harvesting is the larger scale of the application, and the larger quantity of electricity generated.

greenTEG develops and produces thermoelectric generators (gTEG®s) at a competitive price, making the recovery of waste heat below 200°C for electricity generation an attractive option in large scale settings.

greenTEG is currently demonstrating the feasibility of waste heat recovery with its TEGs. Results will serve as a base for discussing joint development, high volume projects with interested parties.

gTEG® modules are not yet available for large-scale waste heat recovery applications. Contact us today for discussions about waste heat recovery solutions.