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Custom Filters
Mid Infrared (IR) and UV Interference Filters

Electro Optical Components offers a complete range of custom IR and UV Filters:
  • narrow bandpass (NBP),
  • wide bandpass (WBP),
  • short wave pass (SWP) and
  • long wave pass (LWP) IR filters for detector applications.
IR filter



Thermopile detectors / sensors

Detector applications for IR filters include Pyroelectric, Thermopile, Lead Selenide (PbSe), Lead Salt (PbS) and MerCadTeluride (MCT) Detectors. (See Stock IR Filter List for details). When you can't find a stock infrared filter for your requirement, we can help you with custom filters.
The best way to supply the IR detector manufacturer is to have the filters already cut to size. Here is what you need to do:
  • Determine the IR filter size for your detector package
  • IR Filter thickness for production is 0.5 mm.
    Prototype thickness can be up to 1.0 mm
  • Filter Quantities:
    Production - Detector quantity + 10%
    Prototype (10 units and under) - Detector quantity + 2 - 3 filters
  • Filter packaging: Waffle package, Wafer tape
  • Filters need to be clean without any marking. Cleanliness is important for good adhesion to the detector cap.
The detector manufacturer limits the incoming inspection of the customer supplied infrared filters to a visual check and scan to confirm the Center Wavelength (CWL) and the Half Power Bandwidth (HPBW). The manufacturer cannot assume liability for any filter damage that may occur.
Please contact us for more information.
Technical Notes: