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Pyroelectric Detectors / NDIR Gas Sensors

Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH produces high performance pyroelectric detectors and NDIR gas sensors, as well as thermopile infrared detectors and  IR sources (Micro-Hybrid IR Components Catalog). View the Micro-Hybrid video at the bottom of this page detailing their history and capabilities.

Pyroelectric detectors are available in voltage and in current mode, packaged in a TO-39 housing.  The current mode is available with various amplification gains.  The Micro-Hybrid pyroelectric detectors feature:

  • 1.4um thick pyroelectric film with low thermal mass.
  • Thermal time constant almost 10 times faster than traditional lithium tantalate pyroelectric detectors.
  • Low sensitivity to microphonics.
  • High temperature packaging option good up to 180°C /
Infrared Filters

Infrared Pulsed IR Sources
These new pyroelectric detectors are available in high temperature packaging with support electronics for use up to 180°C / 356°F. Micro-Hybrid is able to offer all of their IR components, thermopiles, pyroelectric detectors and IR sources in this high temperature packaging.
Applications include NDIR gas sensing and flame detection products.  The high temperature versions are for those applications requiring sterilization (medical), industrial measurement, oil and gas exploration and aerospace applications.

NDIR Gas Sensors / Detectors

An NDIR sensor (nondispersive infrared sensor) is a simple spectroscopic device often used as a gas detector. It is called nondispersive because the gas which passes through the sampling chamber is not pre-filtered. Instead, a narrow bandpass (NBP) filter is used in front of the detector to look at only the IR signal in the absorption band for that subject gas. Micro-Hybrid can produce detectors with up to 8 channels (thermopiles) and 6 channels (pyroelectric) for monitoring multiple gases. More

Micro-Hybrid GmbH is certified to TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008. Copies of these certifications are under Technical Notes. These certifications are a reflection of their commitment to quality and product improvement.

Applications include:

Each channel of the pyroelectric detector is fitted to the application (including NDIR gas sensing or flame detection) by using an infrared filter or window. Micro-Hybrid has a broad selection of Standard Filters and Windows for these applications. Custom Filters and windows are also available.

To avoid damaging pyroelectric detectors during soldering and cleaning, consider using sockets.

Application Notes:
IR Sources for Pyroelectric and Lead Selenide (PbSe) Detectors


 Channels Detector Size
Aperture Size
Voltage or
Current Mode
Amplifier Low Microphonics Signal Frequency Range Hz AC Responsivity
Single Element
PS1x4V1- (Pyropile) 1 1.1x1.1 1.5x1.5 V JFET Yes 0.2-3 950 2.1 TO39
PS1x1C2- 1 0.8x0.8 1.5x1.5 C CMOS Yes 2-55 175,000 2.8 TO39
PS1x1C8- 1 0.8x0.8 1.5x1.5 C CMOS   1-12 1,110,000 5.87 TO39
(C Mode - PIns match voltage mode)
1 0.8x0.8 1.5x1.5 C CMOS YES 2-55 175,000


2.8 TO39
Single Element - Flame Detection    

1 1.65x1.65 3.7 Dia C CMOS Yes 1-25  275,000 4.32 TO39
PS1x3C10- 1 1.65x1.65 3.7 Dia C CMOS Yes 1-100 2,000 2.2 TO39
Multi Element Detectors

PS2x4V1- (Pyropile)
2 1.1x1.1  1.5x1.5  V  JFET  Yes 0.2-3  950  2.1 TO39
PS2x1C2- 2 0.8x0.8  1.5x1.5  C OpAmp Yes 2-55 175,000  2.8 TO39
(C Mode - Pins match Voltage mode)
2  0.8x0.8 1.5x1.5 C OpAmp Yes 2-55 175,000  2.8 TO39
PS2x1C8- 2 0.8x0.8 1.5x1.5 C OpAmp   1-12 1,100,000 5.87 TO39
PS4x2C1 4  0.7x0.33 1.4x1.4  C OpAmp Yes 3-25 125,000  1.7 TO39
PS4x4V1- (Pyropile) 4 1.15x1.15  1.5x1.5 V JFET Yes 0.2-3 750 3.47 TO39
PS6x1C2 or 4V1 6 1.15x1.15 1.5x1.5 C / V Op/JFET Yes see above see above 2.8 / 3.47 TO39
High Temperature NDIR Module - 190°C Operation - Sterilization Temperature Resistant
TS2x80B-A-D0.75- (Thermopile)  2 Ø0.5 Ø0.75           7.2




High Temperature Gas & Liquid Measurement Module - Sterilization Temperature Resistant
MHE HT 1 Ch 1 High Temperature Gas & Liquid Measurement (CO2, etc.)
MHE HT 2 Ch 2 High Temperature Gas & Liquid Measurement (CO2, etc.)


Technical Notes:
Performance Advantages of MEMS PZT Pyroelectric Detectors
IR Sources for Pyroelectric and Lead Selenide (PbSe) Detectors
NDIR Gas Detection
NDIR Module for Harsh Environments
NDIR Filter Requirements
Micro-Hybrid ISO TS 16949:2009 and 9001:2008 Certificates
Sockets for Pyroelectric Detectors
NDIR Powerful Combination
Detector Performance Terminology
Detector Options:
Standard Filters and Windows
Custom Filters & Filter Sizes
NDIR Filter Requirements
Product Code
Window Orientation
Evaluation Kit