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Accurate, Robust, Long Life, State-of-the-Art H2 Sensors

Electro Optical Components offers state of the art hydrogen sensor products. The technology uses a patented nano thin-film technology (palladium alloy) with key advantages in hydrogen sensing. The sensor technology uses a thin film palladium alloy that absorbs and desorbs hydrogen as it comes in contact with the sensing device. Hydrogen is measured specifically by a change in bulk resistance as a function of concentration.

Hydrogen Sensor
Transformer Health Online Monitor
Online Hydrogen Process Analysis

The sensors utilize catalytic thin film resistors made from a Pd / Cr alloy to measure hydrogen. The resistance of Pd film increases monotonically when exposed to hydrogen. The system measures these changes and displays the hydrogen concentration. The sensor chip also include a micro-thermometer and micro-heater for maintaining constant chip temperature. This elevated, controlled temperature assures that sensor operation is unaffected by ambient or process gas temperature. No other reference gases or environmental controls are necessary during measurements.

These hydrogen sensor products use a proprietary composite coating that inhibits penetration of most contaminant gas species from poisoning the sensor surface. The proprietary coating preferentially allows hydrogen to pass through and blocks larger molecules such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), halogens like chlorine (Cl2), and nitrous oxides (NO, NO2).

Compared with other technology used in hydrogen sensors, this technology has the following advantages:

  • No interference by other gas, only responds to hydrogen.
  • No oxygen is needed during use. It works in harsh environments and sealed systems.
  • No consumable material is needed, giving it a long life span (10 years) and easy to maintain.
  • Precise & reliable result, high accuracy – ±0.5% ~ ±5% F.S
  • Faster response time – T90 < 60s
  • Good for a variety of conditions; Working temperature -20~+100° and Humidity up to 95%RH

Applications for these hydrogen sensor products include industries such as:

  • Hydrogen gas production & storage
  • Oil and gas industry, process analysis
  • Chemistry industry, process analysis
  • Fuel cell production and use
  • Nuclear power plant monitoring
  • Power generator and transformer online health monitoring
Hydrogen Gas Production & Storage
Process Analysis
Power Generation/Transformer Health
Nuclear Power Monitoring
ApplicationProduct ModelRangeResponse TimeTemperature Range
TransformersTHM300025 - 5000ppm<60 minutes-40 to 55°
31000 - 5000ppm<60 minutes-40 to 55°
H2 + Temp + Moisture
3200H2: 0 ~ 5000ppm
Moisture: 0 ~ 1aw
Temp: -20 ~ 105°C
H2: <60min
M - T90 <10min
Oil: -40~85°C
Safety MonitoringHSM40000.4~5%VOL<60 seconds-20~100°
HSM41000.4~5%VOL<60 seconds-20~100°
Process AnalyzerHPA50000.5~100%VOL<60 seconds-20~100°
HPA51000.5~100%VOL<60 seconds-20~100°
Process - Radiation ResistanceHPA52000.5~100%VOL<30 seconds-20~55°
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