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VIGO System, the world’s leading manufacturer of standard and customized high-tech uncooled photodetectors of middle and long wavelength, expands its product portfolio to new innovative epi-structures for vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL). The company has developed its first VCSEL to demonstrate the company’s capability to meet the increasing demand of its customers for disruptive epi wafer technology.

With optical power > 4mW, low threshold current of 0.6 mA and proper spectra characteristics, the 850 nm VCSEL epi-structure is suitable for telecom and datacom optical applications. Compared with other infrared technologies, VCSELs offer highly efficient optical beam, excellent focusing and a very small footprint. Because VCSEL emits light perpendicular to its top surface, a VCSEL chip can be integrated in a single, two-dimensional array, consisting of several hundred individual apertures.

Possible applications for VCSEL products are numerous and varied. In addition to communication systems, the devices are used in LIDARs, printers, time-of-flight sensors, autonomous vehicles, robots and drones. Following the successful launch of its first VCSEL epi-wafer, VIGO System intends to increase the production of VCSEL epi-wafers as well as other innovative epi-structures.



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