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The AM03120-01 affordable MWIR InAsSb detection module, is an ”all-in-one” uncooled IR detection module in a compact TO8 package. The photovoltaic multiple junction InAsSb detector element is directly integrated with a low-noise preamplifier. The amplified analog output may be connected directly to the measurement equipment. The detection module is supplied with an anti-reflection coated window preventing unwanted interference effects.

  • New material: detectors based on InAsSb semiconductor material means no more Mercury or Cadmium, resulting in a RoHS compliant device.
  • Compact: the integrated amplifier fits inside a TO8 package.
  • Versatile: the module can be delivered as sealed TO8 package, non-sealed mounted on a TO8 header, or as a PCB module ready for implementation on a larger circuit board or in a custom housing.

Available options: 

As mentioned above the final product can be offered as an OEM component (PCB with detector element), mounted on a TO8 sub-mount or mounted and sealed in a TO8 package with a window.

Key benefits of the MWIR InAsSb detectors:

  • high D*
  • High speed >3MHz
  • Integrated preamplifier
  • Small dimensions, ease of integration
  • Competitive price

AM03120-01 Data Sheet 

Application Notes:
AM313120 MWIR InAsSb Users Guide

VIGO System’s 32-element InAsSb array is now available, with dedicated preamplifier. The line detector is a set of individual active elements and the signal of each of them is output independently. A multi-element detector, unlike a single-element detector, allows to record radiation of different wavelengths at the same time. VIGO specializes in customized detectors and modules dedicated to the client’s application. 32-element arrays are now available in production with dedicated preamplifiers.

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