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Sensors for Hydrogen (H2) Safety

Hydrogen (H2) can be dangerous because it is flammable & explosive.  Hydrogen has NFPA 704’s highest rating of 4 on the flammability scale.  For safety it is important to have a Hydrogen Specific monitor in many industries where hydrogen can be generated.  Now there are hydrogen sensors that are very compact, have a long life span and are easy to maintain.


Electro Optical Components offers the hydrogen sensors that are the best option for safety, process automation and system automation. With their Pd alloy thin film solid state hydrogen sensor technology you can detect hydrogen leaks quickly.  Thanks to the “hydrogen specific” design there is no cross sensitivity to other gases.  No misses or false alarms like other hydrogen sensor technology.


Applications include:

  • Hydrogen gas production and storage
  • Oil and Gas industry
  • Fuel cell production and use
  • Nuclear power plant monitoring
  • Power generation and transformer online health monitoring
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