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Unique Sensor with Flat Response Across the VIS and NIR

Now there is a photodetector that works for visible (VIS) and short wave infrared (SWIR or NIR). No need for 2 detectors (Si and InGaAs) to cover this bandwidth. The spectral response is almost flat across the entire spectrum (400 – 1800nm).

Emberion’s graphene photodetectors convert light to an electronic signal using graphene charge transducers combined with nanocrystal light absorber. They provide superior responsivity with very low noise over a broad spectral range from visible (VIS) to near infrared/short-wave infrared (NIR/SWIR) wavelengths without cooling below room temperature.


Unique Benefits of the Emberion graphene photodetectors:

  • Low noise
  • Large dynamic range because of non-saturating detectors
  • And again, Broad wavelength band (400 – 1800nm)
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