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Accurate Nitrous Oxide Greenhouse Gas Measurement

Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is a greenhouse gas 300 times more harmful than carbon dioxide (CO2).  It can be precisely monitored using smartGAS FLOWEVO NDIR Sensors.  Now more than ever it is important to monitor and control it’s output.

In Agriculture, Food Processing, Fossil Fuel Emissions and Chemical Production nitrous oxide is a byproduct.  Using the smartGAS FLOWEVO NDIR Sensors you can monitor to 500ppm levels.

smartGAS offers a tailor-made technology for N2O measurement using its reliable non-dispersive infrared absorption (NDIR) sensors for gas analyzing. The sensors are not only very stable over the long term, but also require little maintenance and have a long service life, so that they guarantee reliable measurement even in remote locations.


These and other smartGAS NDIR sensors are distributed in North America by:

Electro Optical Components Inc.
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