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smartGAS gas sensors use infra-red absorption of gases (NDIR technology) and thus are accurate, reliable and cost-efficient. They are suitable for an extremely wide variety of applications in process measuring technology and ambient air monitoring.

As a solutions provider for gas sensor technology, smartGAS can offer custom solutions.  Gases include:

CO & CO2
Acetone, n-butane, ethane, methane & propane
Refrigerant gases
NOX and other pollutant gases

These NDIR gas sensors work without moving parts or chemical reactants. This minimizes the maintenance work and thus the operating and servicing costs compared with other gas sensor technology. These gas sensors are environmentally friendly, long-lasting and reliable.  You too can benefit from smartGAS’ expertise!

New from smartGAS:

  • The SYMECO approach from smartGAS allows you to use different NDIR sensors from the FLOWEVO line. As an example, you can measure CO2 in % and CO in ppm with the same interface.
  • More ranges for CO measurement are available in their FLOWEVO series: 2000 ppm, 5000 ppm, 10 vol.-%, 50 vol.-% & 100 vol.-%
  • smartGAS’ new NDIR Broadband refrigerant sensors from smartGAS provide a flexible solution for measuring multiple gases in one set-up. The broadband refrigerant sensor is calibrated to 2000 ppm R134a, but is also great for measuring R125, R404a, R407a and R410a. You select the gas to be measured in your application and apply the appropriate conversion factor.
  • The  SILAREX sensor platform allows multiple gases to be measured in the same module. It also has pressure compensation.

The functional principle of smartGAS sensors & modules

The IR principle uses the individual absorption spectrum of the gas being measured. The exact gas concentration is determined through precise quantitative analysis of this spectrum. Because of this, their gas sensors function very selectively and are virtually unaffected by other environmental factors or gases.

The functional principle of our gas sensors: long-term stability and performance thanks to NDIR technology from smartGAS

As all measured gases absorb in varying spectral ranges, a kind of “fingerprint” arises that allows very selective characterization without cross-sensitivities. Gas sensors from smartGAS possess an integrated electronic evaluation system that displays a simple to use concentration signal to you as the user and reliably compensates for all drift and temperature influences.

Gas sensors for the process measuring technology

The precise and selective gas sensors from smartGAS are distinguished by simple handling and cost efficiency – even in demanding applications. Knowledge of the internal flows and current state of a process is essential for the control and cost-efficient operation of plants. If measurements are lost, or if they cannot be used, this can lead to high costs. We possess this knowledge and incorporate it in your application as a solution. Our optimized optical components, in combination with the adapted software, ensure high long-term stability and performance – for your application too. In contrast to chemically-based gas sensors, their products are not only lower-maintenance and longer lasting, but also detect even chemically inactive gases quickly and reliably.

» Analysis Sensors for Process Measuring Technology

Gas sensors for ambient air monitoring

The monitoring of gas concentrations in the ambient air requires especially long-term stable and reliable gas sensors. The measurements are usually carried out 24/7 – 365 days in the year. Reliability and insensitivity to external influences therefore make gas sensors from smartGAS the first choice for your measuring task.

Precalibrated, Compact NDIR Gas Sensor Modules

ProductGasesSensitivity - ppm Size
Long Path ModulesMany*High156 x 30 x 37 mm
F3-032205C2H4 Ethylene20ppm / 2000ppm
F3-042505CH4Methane50ppm / 5000ppm
F3-222108CO Carbon Monoxide0.2% / 100%
F3-222205CO Carbon Monoxide20ppm / 2000ppm
F3-212205-05000CO2 Carbon Dioxide8ppm / 2000ppm
F3-600503SF60.5ppm / 50ppm
Short Path ModulesMany*Medium76 x 30 x 37 mm
F3-222207CO Carbon Monoxide0.07% / 20%
F3-212506-05000CO2 Carbon Dioxide0.03% / 5%
F3-212207-05000CO2 Carbon Dioxide0.07% / 20%
F3-600105SF68ppm / 1000ppm
F3-600108SF60.3% / 100%
Diffusion ModulesMany*Low70 x 60 x 37 mm
B1-040446CH4Methane1% / 4.4%
B3-212207-03000CO2 Carbon Dioxide0.01% / 20%
F3-600108SF63% / 100%
Silarex Module
Silarex Multi ChannelMulti GasHigh233 x 31 x 37mm
SAE Module
SAE ModuleMulti Gas
Temp Controlled
Pest Control Gas
Gas ModuleSO2F2 Sulphuryl Fluoride4%

*Gases include acetone, n-butane, CO, CO2, ethane, methane, propane, refrigerant gases & NOX and other pollutant gases

SILAREX Multiple Gas Solutions

Applications such as emission measurement require the simultaneous analysis of multiple gases like CO2, NO and SO2. SILAREX gas sensors have been developed for this application case and enable parallel concentration measurement of up to three measuring gases with one single NDIR gas sensor. The cross-sensitivities of the individual gases are compensated directly inside the SILAREX sensor, providing the user with fully prepared and corrected measuring values via Modbus ASCII / RTU for further processing. Compared to measuring with three individual sensors, the advantages are obvious: Only one sensor needs to be calibrated and maintained; varying sample preparation, different accuracies or life cycles of the sensors do not need to be considered.

  • Measure up to three gases simultaneously with one setup
  • Cross-sensitivity is calculated on-board
  • Pressure compensation on board
  • Ready to use calibrated
  • NDIR technology for complex measurement tasks

Standard Products

Silarex 3 Channel
CO2 20 Vol.-%, NO 2000 ppm, SO2 1000 ppm I SX-300003-00000
CO2 3-ch low range I SX-300011-00000

Silarex 2 Channel
CO2 20 Vol.-%, CO 1000 ppm I SX-200002-00000
CO2 20 Vol.-%, CO 10.000 ppm I SX-200004-00000
CO2 20 Vol.-%, CO 500 ppm I SX-200009-00000
CO2 20 Vol.-%, CO 2000 ppm I SX-200010-00000

SAE Module controls the sensor environment 

The SAE Module is the complete “Box” with:

  • Power Supply
  • Heater
  • Interface – RS485 digital output
smartGAS - SAE-Module-1812.png

Gas Sensor Calibration Tool Software

smartGAS has updated the Gas Sensor Calibration Tool Software with the following new features.

  • More diagnostics
  • Export of data sets for remote diagnosis by smartGAS
  • Reset to factory settings
  • Graphic concentration displays
  • For all B3 and F3 sensors with / without Connect Interface
  • It is free. Download it, try it out and use it. The new tool no longer requires a license. Email us for more info and a download link.
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