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Polarizers / Beamsplitters / Attenuators / Isolators
Pockels Cells / Electro-optic Q-Switches
High Voltage Drivers / Modulators

EOC offers a wide range of electro optic and passive optical components manufactured by Leysop Ltd.:

  • Pockels cells, Q-switches,
  • Electro-optic phase and amplitude modulators,
  • High quality calcite crystal polarizers,
  • Faraday rotators and isolators,
  • High voltage drive electronics such as Q-switch drivers and high voltage linear amplifiers for Pockels cell modulators.

For over 20 years Leysop has served the international community with these vital products. They are experienced in working with difficult optical materials including:

  •  KD*P
  • ADP
  • RTP
  • Lithium Niobate
  • Calcite
  • Germanium
  • T.G.G.
  • Glass

Polarizers, Beamsplitters, Attenuators, Isolators

Polarizers, Beamsplitters, Attenuators, IsolatorsApplications/Features
Glan-Taylor Calcite Air Spaced PolarizerHigh extinction ratio, low reflectance
Glan-Thompson PolarizerLarge aperture, lowest loss
Beamsplitter Cubes532nm to 1600nm versions
Rochon and Wollaston Polarizers20°/10° beam separation
Beam Displacement Rhombs
High Power AttenuatorMax power - 200W/cm2 continuous
Faraday Optical Rotators & Isolators>30 dB Isolation / <0.5 dB Loss
Application Notes - Faraday Rotators & Isolators:The Faraday or Magneto-Optic Effect
Applications of Faraday Devices
Quartz Retardation / Wave PlatesInsensitive to Temp. / Easy to Allign
DepolarizersWhen unpolarized source is needed
Savart PlatesFor weakly polarized light

Pockels Cells / Electro Optic Q-Switches

Pockels Cells / Electro Optic Q-SwitchesApplications / Features Rise Time
Pockels Cells / Electro Optic Q-Switches
100kHz RTP Q-switchNo Piezo-electric Resonances
Standard Longitudinal Pockels CellsLaser Q-switching25ns
Compact Pockels CellsCompact size for OEM applications1ns
Ultra-Compact Pockel Cells With Brewster Polarizers1ns
Ultra-Miniature Pockels Cells25 mm diameter package intended predominantly for Q-switching applications1ns
Ultra-Fast Pockels CellsPulse Slicing and Pulse Picking0.5ns
High Power BBO Pockels CellsGood for 100s of Watts (>3GW/cm2)Fast
Double Pockels CellsLower Switching Voltage0.25ns
Three Electrode Pockels CellsCleanest Pulse Picking & Slicing0.25ns
Transverse Pockels CellsQ-Switching
Pockels Cell with Integrated Polarizer & Wave PlatePulsed Quarter Wave Mode
Application Notes for Pockels Cells:The Linear Electro-Optic Effect
Selecting the Right Pockels Cell
Setting Up the Q-Switch
Pulse Slicing with Pockels Cells
Pulse Picking with 4 Terminal Pockels Cells
Low Voltage Electro-Optic Light ModulatorsLower Cost Driver65ns
Electro-Optic Deflector Q-SwitchCompact, Low Power Q-Switch10ns

High Voltage Drivers / Modulators

High Voltage Drivers /Modulators:Max VDCFrequencyRise Time
M250 Modulator Driver2507 MHz65 ns
M5000 Pockels Cell Driver+/-300014 KHz5 μs
100kHz Q-Switch Driver2000100 Hz5 ns
HVP50/80 Step Pulse Generator8000100 Hz3 ns
QBU-BT Series Pockels Cell Driver and High Voltage Pulse Generator600010 KHz8 ns
GIPO Series High Voltage Pulse Generators-5500100 Hz2.5 ns
Board Level High Voltage Pulse Generator5000100 KHz20 ns
Specialty High Voltage Power SuppliesTBDTBDTBD

Component Mounting Options for Pockels Cells, Modulators, Polarizers


Optical Materials Cutting and Polishing for Soft, Hard & Water Soluble Optics

Anti-Reflection and Metallic Coatings:  AR, Dielectrics, Metal Film Coatings

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