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The capabilities of anti-reflection coatings for infrared optical interference filters range from single layers to advanced high efficiency multi-layer coatings. These coatings can be applied to windows, lenses or customer supplied substrates.

For special applications, the coatings can be designed for operation at angles of incidence other than normal, or optimized for particular wavelength regions.

High efficiency multi-layer broadband coatings find widespread use in the 3-5 micron or 8-12 micron regions (the “atmospheric windows”).

High Efficiency Multi-layer Broadband Coatings

Typical Wavelength ranges 3-5, 5-8 and 8-12 micron
Typical average transmission > 95%
Substrate material Germanium


Single Layer Coatings

Wavelengths available 0.9 to 20 micron
Typical peak transmittance > 95%
Substrate materials germanium, silicon, sapphire, zinc selenide, gallium arsenide

AR Coating Stock Filter List

Northumbria Optical Coatings Ltd (NOC) was established in 1995, specializing in the design and manufacture of Infrared Optical Filters and Coatings, covering the spectral range 1.5μm – 20.0μm. Before 1995 NOC operated as a business unit for Rolls Royce International Research & Development based in Newcastle upon Tyne. NOC offers competitively priced standard and non-standard filters which are used in many applications including environmental monitoring, analysis and control of gaseous effluent, analysis of vehicle exhaust gases, ozone layer monitoring, night vision systems and space applications. Contact EOC for more information.

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