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A dielectric coating consisting of alternating layers of quarter-wave film of a higher refractive index and lower refractive index than the substrate. Such coatings can be made very specific to a reflected wavelength or, by varying the layers’ thickness or film index, spread over a wide wavelength interval including high reflection coating(HR) and partial reflective coating (PR).


Dielectric mirror / dielectric coated mirror
Dielectric mirror coating scan
Coating TypeProperties and Application
High ReflectionDielectric High Reflective CoatingsProvide high reflectance over a broad bandwidth, and is ideal for a tunable laser or in white light applications
Partial ReflectionNarrow BandProvide 50% reflection and transmission at an angle of 45° incidence for a single wavelength. Perfect for beamsplitters application. Transmission/reflection (T/R) ratio of 20/80, or others for Beamsplitter is available upon request.
Partial ReflectionBroadbandOver a wide bandwidth provides 50% reflection and transmission. EOC can also provide coatings with different R/T ratios at and specific angle of incident.

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