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The All-Rounder
Model DLPCA-200

  • Variable gain from 103 to 1011 V/A
  • Detection of sub-pA to 10 mA
  • Bandwidth DC to 500 kHz
  • Rise time down to 700 ns
  • Low noise down to 4 fA/Hz
  • THE all-purpose current amplifier

For Higher Speed
Model DHPCA-100

  • Bandwidth DC up to 200 MHz
  • Rise time down to 1.8 ns
  • Variable gain from 102 to 108 V/A
  • Built-in signal filters for reduced broadband noise

For Highest Sensitivity
Model DDPCA-300

  • Very low noise: min. 0.2 fA/Hz
  • Variable gain from 104 to 1013 V/A
  • > 240 dB dynamic range for sub-fA to
    mA measurements
  • Very low drift < 1 fA
  • Easy to use: convert your standard voltmeter to a high-end sub femto ampere meter

The LUCI-10 amplifier interface allows remote control of FEMTO amplifiers and photoreceivers with a remote control capability from a standard Windows PC with USB port.

Gain Range104 - 1013 V/A103 - 1011 V/A102 - 108 V/A
Max. BandwidthDC to 400 HzDC to 500 kHzDC to 200 MHz
Min. Rise Time800 μs700 ns1.8 ns
Min. Spectral Noise0.2 fA/√Hz4 fA/√Hz55 fA/√Hz
Min. Integrated Broadband Noise0.4 fA peak-peak or
0.06 fA rms
200 fA peak-peak or
30 fA rms
500 pA peak-peak or
75 pA rms
Main DifferentiatorSub Femto Ampere SensitivityBroad Application RangeMHz Speed
Common FeaturesManual and Remote Control Operation
Adjustable Offset and Bias Voltage
Compact Design for Use Close to the Signal Source
Extremely Well Shielded Housing to Avoid Noise Pick-Up
Optional LUCI-10 Interface Software & Hardware
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