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The Faraday-Ox™ Oxygen (O2) Gas Sensor module is designed for efficiency and practicality, and is characterized by its compact size and ultra-low power consumption. Pulsed mode operation further reduces power consumption without compromising performance.

This module simplifies integration through a connector-based installation system, avoiding the need for soldering, and is factory calibrated for immediate and reliable use.

Within the module, integrated humidity and temperature sensors provide vital environmental compensation, enhancing the accuracy of oxygen measurements. Additionally, each module is equipped with mechanisms to compensate for sensor aging, ensuring consistent performance over time.

The development kit is completed with a standard USB-C connection and a GUI compatible with standard PC browsers.


  • Solid-state oxygen gas sensor (lead-free)
  • Electrochemical sensing on a chip
  • 0…25% O2 sensor range
  • x 2.5 mm footprint (5 x 5 mm with electronics)
  • <5 μW power consumption (during use)
  • -20…80 °C range
  • Up to 5-year lifetime
  • Low cost for high-volume applications.
  • Easy to integrate
  • Ultrafast response times


  • Food freshness monitoring
  • MAP Modified atmosphere packaging
  • Logistics
  • Breath analysis
  • Hydrogen economy
  • Industrial safety

Faraday-Ox™ Oxygen (O2) Gas Sensor

Faraday-Ox™ Oxygen (O2) Sensor Development Kit

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