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Here is the Electro Optical Components team. We have been serving you as a key electro optical products supplier for over 24 years.

Front –Primo Galban & Emilee Galban
Back – Alex Galban, Wally Tang, Bill Bolster


Bill Bolster – President and CEO. Bill is an engineering graduate of Vanderbilt University. He has spent his career working with technology products and has been with EOC since 2002.

Primo Galban – Financial Officer. Primo is a financial graduate of Sonoma State University. He has been with EOC since 2007.

Wally Tang – Sales Manager. Wally is a graduate of San Jose State University and has spent over 10 years working in technology sales in Silicon Valley and recently here in Sonoma County. He has been with EOC since 2016.

Alex Galban – Sales. Alex is an engineering student at Santa Rosa Junior College. He spent a year in Germany working in technology. Alex has been with EOC since 2014.

Emilee Galban – Shipping, Sales Administration and Marketing. Emilee has been with EOC since 2013.

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