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Xavitech micro pumps offer the highest quality and performance available.  Their uses include gas sampling for NDIR, space applications and where flow accuracy is important.  Their unique design outperforms regular diaphragm pumps.

The patented micro pump technology is the best because of the design features that give the pumps their accuracy, reliability and long lifetime:

  1. Analog control of flow rate with built in micro-controller
  2. No bearings or rotating motors
  3. Shorter membrane stroke distance

“Our existing pumps would barely last one year before the diaphragm was damaged. With Xavitech we got a long service life and a two-year warranty, says Mark Swetnam, Managing director at Cambridge Sensotec.”

“We do not get serial control with other micro pumps and the fact that we could eliminate the flow sensor to regulate the flow was important, says Steven Pruzia at Criticare.”

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“BLACK” High Performance Micro Pumps

The BLACK Edition micro pumps are the ones with the most functionality and flexibility.

  • Guaranteed best lifetime
  • Maximum value
  • Adaptive functions

You can calibrate the micro pump for the flow you need.  Each pump has a micro-controller so you can control it using your software.

Model NumberFlow Rate
Analog Flow ControlLifetime hoursCustomization
V100 Blackuploads - new.gif200300Yes
+ ARM Microprocessor
V200 Black400350150Yes2,000-35,000Yes
P200 Black400150350Yes2,000-35,000Yes
V1500 Black1000350150Yes2,000-35,000Yes
P1500 Black1300150300Yes2,000-35,000Yes

“ORANGE” Cost Effective Micro Pumps

The ORANGE Edition micro pumps are for applications where the high performance is still needed, but cost is important and lifetime performance is not.

  • Affordable solution
  • Same high quality pump performance
  • Shorter lifetime – 1000 hrs.
Model NumberFlow Rate
Analog Flow Control Lifetime hoursCustomization
V200 Orange300300150No1000No
P200 Orange300150350No1000No
V1500 Orange900350150No1000No
P1500 Orange1200150350No1000No

Flow Calibration Unit for BLACK Micro Pumps

Xavitech can supply calibrated pumps according to user needs. Just as important, the users can also adjust the pump performance themselves. This is really valuable during the design phase of a system since the user will be able to compensate for condition changes simply by reprogramming the pumps. Once the system layout is fixed the user can inform Xavitech which pump setting was the best. After that, Xavitech can easily supply calibrated pumps according to the new requirements. This saves time and costs for the user.

The flow calibration unit will enable the user to adjust the flow by altering the pump frequency and storing the setting permanently into the pump memory. The flow calibration works with all Xavitech BLACK edition pumps with Flex connection.

Benefits of Using Xavitech Flow Calibration Unit

  • Easy calibration of pump flow
  • Shorter R&D time
  • Reduce power consumption with correct flow calibration
  • Reduce pump noise

Flow Calibration Unit Datasheet

Technical Notes:

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