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For the best optical measurement of gases

The Gas Filter Cells optimize your gas measurement system for the best measurement. They:

  • Eliminates the crosstalk from interfering gases
  • Robust leak tested packaging
  • User can self fill with desired gases
  • Broad range of applications where these Gas Filter Cells really improve performance

Gas Filter Cells are the best for optical measurement of gases.
Hermetic gas filter cells are gas-filled cylinders. They block out specific frequency bands of interfering gases in optical gas analysis. The cells also can be filled with reference gases of certain gas concentrations to be used for calibration of gas analysis systems, e.g. adjusting laser wavelengths to specific gas absorption bands. For long-term stability these gas filter cells are hermetically sealed. High transmissivity is achieved by soldered CaF₂ windows.

Gas Filter Cells Products

12 mm long tube
35 mm long tube
100 mm long tube

Application Notes:

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