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Specialty optical fibers and fiber systems for
the broad spectral range from 200nm to 18µm

art photonics GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of infrared chalcogenide and polycrystalline specialty optical fibersspectroscopy fiber probes & fiber bundleshigh power fiber cables for industrial and medical applications.

art photonics’ unique technology experience accumulated over 30 years has led to the design, development and production of specialty optical fibers and various fiber systems for the broad spectral range from 200nm to 18µm. Since 1998 they are constantly improving the quality of their products and are positioned to meet the technology needs of today and the demands of tomorrow.

The Company’s goals of engineering, designing and manufacturing the highest quality, cost-effective optical fiber solutions of a broad spectral range (from 200nm to 18µm) for OEM market are met through developing patented Polycrystalline IR-fiber technologies, which allows them to design and produce one of the most competitive product line FlexiSpec® – PIR-fiber spectroscopy probes for remote process-control of molecular composition of any liquid, gas or solid mixtures even under harsh environmental conditions. The flexible design of their fiber probes enables multi-spectral analysis of any process by different spectroscopy methods over the broad range of spectra and to couple it with any spectrometer.

Their innovative design of FlexiRay® High Power laser cables, IR-fiber coupled detectors, IR-imaging bundles and various fiber sub-systems provides the optimum solution for specific customer requirements.

Specialty Fibers and Fiber Cables

Fiber Probes for Spectroscopy, Biophontics

Fiber Optic Bundles and Converters

Accessories for Mid IR Fiber Spectroscopy

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