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High Performance NDIR Gas Sensor Modules

smartGAS gas sensors use infra-red absorption of sg evo gases (NDIR technology) and thus are accurate, reliable and cost-efficient. They are suitable for an extremely wide variety of applications in process measuring technology and ambient air monitoring.

High performance NDIR gas sensor modules

2 and 3 Different Gases High Performance SILAREX NDIR Gas Sensor Modules

SILAREX gas sensors perform simultaneous analysis of multiple gases like CO2, NO and SO2.

PAS Photoacoustic Sensors

PAS Photoacoustic Sensors are one of the most sensitive measuring methods for detecting gases.

Compact NDIR Gas Sensor Modules

Electro Optical Components offers a wide range of sensors based on the NDIR Principle. They are designed for a reliable detection of the A variety of gases.

Compact NDIR Gas Sensor Modules IRNET 32mm

Low Cost NDIR CO2 Sensor Modules

EOC introduces a low cost CO2 NDIR sensor module for gas detection applications including indoor air monitoring, agriculture etc.


Electrochemical Sensors

Detecting hazardous materials and gases for work safety and environmental protection

PID Sensors and PID Lamps for VOCs

Now there are reliable PID (Photoionization Detector) sensors and PID lamps for measuring VOCs

Hydrogen (H2) Sensors Modules

Stand-alone sensor system designed to provide precision hydrogen measurement in harshest industrial applications

TRANSMITTER EVO Complete Sensor System Solution

The TRANSMITTEREVO is a device for the stationary, continuous monitoring of gas concentrations in the ambient air.

ANAREX Analyzers for emission measurement and process control (NDIR and PAS sensors) 

The ANAREX product family provides very accurate and stable measurement performance.

Micro Pumps for NDIR Gas Sensor Modules

Highest quality and performance micro pumps available

NavImages - V200-MicroPump.png

Heads Ready To Use for NDIR, Electrochemical

Electro Optical Components offers a wide range of ready-to-use detector heads, already certified as a component or a complete device. They can enclose different technologies: NDIR, Electrochemical and catalytic, to be mounted on gas detectors in any environment. Contact us for more info

Heads ready for to use for NDIR, Electrochemical Sensors
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