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Uses Glan Taylor Polarizers
for the attenuation

Faraday Optical
Isolators / Rotators

40dB isolation is achievable

Broadband & Ultra Wide Band Faraday Optical Isolators
Isolator/Rotator with a broad wavelength band coverage

Q-Switches / Pockels Cells
For modulation, Q-switching, pulse slicing and pulse picking

High extinction ratio polarizers
with low reflection losses

Spatial Light Modulators
Modulators individually manipulate each pixel in real time

Beamsplitter Cubes
Reflects one wavelength,
transmits the other

Beam Shaper for Lasers
Change the Gaussian profile of a light source to a Top-Hat profile
Beam Expander for Lasers
Expands the laser beam

ZnSe Optics for Lasers
ZnSe Scanning Lenses and Beam Expanders for high wavelength applications

Diamond optics
CVD diamonds provide superior properties of diamond in
larger sizes at a lower cost

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Optical Components
Wide range of electro optic and passive optical components

M Plan APO (Apochromat)
Objective Lens

Creates a flat, chromatic
aberration-free image over
the entire field of view

CO2 Laser Reflective Mirrors
Applications for gold coated mirrors include CO2 laser mirrors, Er;YAG lasers, Near IR, Far IR, Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL), Phase Retarding CO2 Mirrors and high power fiber lasers

Dielectric mirrors and coatings

Dielectric Mirrors for High Power
Provide high reflectance for high power applications over a broad bandwidth.

Transmissive Optical Assemblies
These assemblies increase average power levels of modern Pulsed and CW Fiber lasers

Single Point Diamond Turning
Ability to machine a wide range of materials including fused silica, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide and other glasses.

Germanium Windows
Excellent broadband infrared (IR) window and substrate, transmittance 2.0-25 µm

NavImages - sapphire-windows-1907.png

Sapphire Windows
Tough, scratch-resistant material, transmittance -0.2 (UV) – 6µm

Scintillator Crystals and Ceramics
For Medical Imaging, High Energy Physics, Gamma Detection and more

EOC offers a wide range of electro optic and passive optical components including:

  • Attenuators, Beamsplitters
  • Pockels cells, Electro optic Q-switches
  • Electro-optic phase and amplitude modulators
  • High quality calcite crystal polarizers
  • Faraday rotators and isolators
  • High voltage drive electronics such as Q-switch drivers and high voltage linear amplifiers for Pockels cell modulators
  • Lens / Filters / Mirrors / Windows

Optical materials include:

  •  KD*P
  • ADP
  • RTP
  • Lithium Niobate
  • Calcite
  • Germanium
  • T.G.G.
  • Glass
  • Sapphire
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