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Andon Electronics provides interconnection components that help companies cost effectively protect, assemble, test and replace their semiconductor devices. They offer custom as well as-standard catalog items.

Electro Optical Components, Inc. also offers the following optoelectronic components with Andon sockets to match:

Andon also offers sockets and interconnects for:

  • PGA Sockets & Adapters
  • BGA Sockets & Adapters
  • SMD Sockets & Adapters
  • DIP Sockets & Adapters
  • SIP Sockets & Adapters
  • Fuse Sockets
  • Terminals and Test Jacks
  • LCC Sockets
  • PLCC Sockets
  • Image Sensor Sockets
  • Gas Sensor Sockets
  • Optoelectronic Sockets (see above)
  • Carrier Sockets
  • Battery Sockets
  • Test Sockets
  • Power Converter Sockets
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