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Gas Sensor Components

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Thermopile Detectors
Thermopile detectors / sensors / arrays are easy to use

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Pyroelectric Detectors
Pyroelectric detectors / sensors are reliable and faster than thermopiles

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Gas Sensor Modules
Gas sensor modules offer a complete solution for measuring specified gases

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Pulsed & High Power Broadband IR Sources
Pulsed & High Power Broadband IR Sources work with all the mid IR detectors

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PbS & PbSe Infrared Detectors
PbS and PbSe infrared detectors are fast and sensitive up to 5 µm

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Solid State Mid IR Photodiodes & Narrowband LEDs
Mid IR photodiodes & narrowband LEDs use low power and are fast

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PID (Photoionization Detection) Sensors and PID Lamps for VOCs
PID (Photoionization Detection) Sensors are simple sensors for measuring volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Gas Filter Cells
Block out specific wavelength bands in NDIR gas sensor systems

Temperature, Conductivity, Flow and Humidity Sensors
Temperature sensors, flow sensors, humidity sensors, conductivity sensors and biosensors (and modules combining one or more of these)

Gas Sensor Modules

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NDIR Gas Sensor Modules
Accurate, reliable and robust gas measurement

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Compact NDIR Gas Sensor Modules
Lower cost compact NDIR gas sensor modules with reliability and robustness

Low Cost NDIR CO2 Gas Detection Modules
Low cost solution for CO2Measurement

TDLS (Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry) Modules for Gas Detection
Ultra-high precision methane gas detection with high measurement accuracy.

Methane Gas Detection Laser
Optimized for methane gas sensing applications

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Micro Pumps for NDIR Gas Sensor Modules
Highest quality and performance micro pumps available

Electrochemical Sensors
Detecting hazardous materials and gases for work safety and environmental protection

PID Sensors and PID Lamps for VOCs
Now there are reliable PID (Photoionization Detector) sensors and PID lamps for measuring VOCs

Hydrogen (H2) Sensors Modules
Stand-alone sensor system designed to provide precision hydrogen measurement in harshest industrial applications

PREREX Gas Conditioning Systems
Complete gas conditioning system for filtering and drying the sample gas

MEMS Gas and IR Sensors
Compact, low power Gas and IR Sensors for safety and temperature measurement

Air Quality Monitoring Electrochemical Sensors
Electrochemical Sensors for monitoring low levels of CO, NO2, O3, SO2, NO and H2S.

Radiation Alarm Monitors & Detectors

Radiation Alarm Monitors & Detectors: X, y and Gamma
Cesium Iodine Gamma Sensor Module consisting of a cesium iodide crystal, a photodiode, and a high-gain preamplifier. Gamma personal radiation alarm. Mini-Gamma sensor with a compact mechanical design allowing the sensor to be used in small digital devices

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