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Spatial Light Modulators that use both translucent and reflective liquid crystal micro-display technology to dynamically modify the amplitude and/or phase of incident light.

These spatial light modulators are extremely powerful new optical devices which individually manipulate each pixel in real-time. Not only is it possible to directly connect PC video/graphics to them in the same way as plug-and-play projectors, but users can also program these dynamic optical elements to behave like gratings, lenses, diffractive optical elements, apertures, masks, information processors & encryptors. These spatial light modulators are truly revolutionary devices whose range of applications is only just starting to be explored.


  • A variety of modulation options:
    Phase Only
    Amplitude Only
  • Transmissive and Reflective
  • Technology for eliminating the Black-matrix effect and phase calibration
  • Software base for design of diffractive optical elements (DOE)
  • Extensive customization available
  • Compact
  • Plug-and-play
Part No.WavelengthTypeResolutionPixel SizeFill FactorContrastRadiation Eff.Frame Rate
TSLM016-A380 - 1200nmAmplitude800 x 60033µm67%200:133% @ 633nm60Hz
TSLM017-A380 - 1200nmAmplitude1024 x 76836µm70% 400:136% @ 532nm60Hz
TSLM023-A380 - 1200nmAmplitude1024 x 76826µm67%400:126% @ 633nm60Hz
TSLM038-A380 - 1200nmAmplitude1024 x 76814µm42%400:116% @ 633nm60Hz
TSLM07U-A380 - 1200nmAmplitude1920 x 10808.5µm57%600:120% @ 633nm60Hz
TSLM07U-AX2380 - 1200nmAmplitude1920 x 10808.5µm57%600:120% @ 633nm150Hz
TSLM14U-A380 - 1200nmAmplitude2048 x 153614µm65%400:130% @ 633nm45Hz
TSLM16U-A380 - 1200nmAmplitude1920 x 108019µm62%380:130% @ 633nm60Hz
TSLM017-A380 - 1200nmPhase1024 x 76836µm70%400:136% @ 532nm
Part No.WavelengthTypeResolutionPixel SizeFill FactorContrastRadiation Eff.Frame Rate
FSLM-HD70-A-P420 - 1100nmAmplitude1920 x 10808µm87%2000:175% @ 532nm60Hz
FSLM-2K39-A02420 - 650nmAmplitude1920 x 10804.5µm91%600:175% @ 532nm60/180Hz
FSLM-4K70-A02430 - 750nmAmplitude4094 - 24003.74µm90%600:160% @ 532nm30Hz
FSLM-4K70-A02X2430 - 750nmAmplitude4094 - 24003.74µm90%60% @ 532nm60Hz
FSLM-4K120-A03Pro1000 - 1100nmAmplitude4094 - 24006.4µm90%850:160% @ 1064nm30Hz
FSLM-2K39-P420 - 650nmPhase1920 - 10804.5µm91%75% @ 532nm60Hz
FSLM-2K39-P02420 - 650nmPhase1920 - 10804.5µm91%75% @ 633nm60/180Hz
FSLM-2K55-P532nmPhase1920 - 10806.4µm94%75% @ 532nm60Hz
FSLM-2K55-P01405 - 490nmPhase1920 - 10806.4µm94%65% @ 405nm60Hz
FSLM-2K55-P02430 - 750nmPhase1920 - 10806.4µm94%75% @ 633nm60Hz
FSLM-2K55-P041530 - 1565nmPhase1920 - 10806.4µm94%75% @ 1550nm60Hz
FSLM-2K55-P02X3430 - 633nmPhase1920 - 10806.4µm94%75% @ 633nm60/180Hz
FSLM-2K55-P02X6532nmPhase1920 - 10806.4µm94%75% @ 532nm360Hz
FSLM-2K70-VIS430 - 750nmPhase1920 - 10808µm87%75% @ 633nm60Hz
FSLM-2K70-P03800 - 1100nmPhase1920 - 10808µm87%75% @ 1064nm60Hz
FSLM-2K70-P02430 - 750nmPhase4094 - 24003.74µm90%60% @ 633nm30Hz
FSLM-2K73-P02420 - 650nmPhase2048 - 20486.4µm93%≥85%60Hz
FSLM-2K73-P031000 - 1100nmPhase2048 - 20486.4µm93%≥85%60Hz
FSLM-2K73-P041500 - 1600nmPhase2048 - 20486.4µm93%≥85%60Hz
DMD Micromirror DeviceDMD is a digital flat panel display using MEMS that integrates the reflective micro-mirror array and CMOS SRAM on the same chip.
OLED Color LCD DisplayOLED Displays are different from traditiional LCD displays in that no backligh is required and it has a very thin coating and glass.

In addition to standard Spatial Light Modulator products, additional sales & application support services are available:

  • These SLM products allow optical engineers to test proposed diffractive optical element (DOE) designs, the applications team DOE simulation services are available to interested OEM customers.
  • Customization and modification of spatial light modulators according to customer-specific requirements
  • Integrating many of the components that work together with RL-SLM’s, such as polarizers, collimators, filters and mechanical hardware.
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