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Compact Spectral Imaging
Spectral imaging made easy
with these systems

Mini Spectrometer
New ultracompact

Software Solutions
Includes single wavelength graph, spectra curve & camera control

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Spectroscopy Fiber Probes
Innovative fiber probes in
a broad spectral range

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Fiber Probes for Raman Spectroscopy
Raman probes with excellent coupling efficiency, wide spectral range

NavImages - Transflex-probe-tip.png

Fiber optic probes and for analytical
analysis in broad spectral range

Spectral imaging and hyperspectral imaging made easy

The enormous versatility of spectroscopy allows its application in a variety of applications, including hyperspectral imaging, chemical imaging and infrared (IR) cameras for imaging and processing. EOC offers spectral systems from the ultraviolet (UV) to the mid-infrared range (MIR). Customized spectral and hyperspectral imaging products are also available. Whether you require a special wavelength range or want to use a certain camera – we have a solution.

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