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Compact Spectral Imaging
Spectral imaging made easy
with these systems

Mini Spectrometer
New ultracompact

Software Solutions
Includes single wavelength graph, spectra curve & camera control

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Spectroscopy Fiber Probes
Innovative fiber probes in
a broad spectral range

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Fiber Probes for Raman Spectroscopy
Raman probes with excellent coupling efficiency, wide spectral range

NavImages - Transflex-probe-tip.png

Fiber optic probes and for analytical
analysis in broad spectral range

Spatial Light Modulators
Modulators individually manipulate each pixel in real time

Spectral imaging and hyperspectral imaging made easy

The enormous versatility of spectroscopy allows its application in a variety of applications, including hyperspectral imaging, chemical imaging and infrared (IR) cameras for imaging and processing. EOC offers spectral systems from the ultraviolet (UV) to the mid-infrared range (MIR). Customized spectral and hyperspectral imaging products are also available. Whether you require a special wavelength range or want to use a certain camera – we have a solution.

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