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Low Cost and Small CO2 Sensor Modules

Electro Optical Components introduces a series of low cost CO2 NDIR sensor modules for gas detection applications including indoor air monitoring, agriculture etc. The EOC-GD-IR300 is more accurate and faster. The EOC-GD-PCL0A2K  is the smallest CO2 detector available and is lower in cost.

The EOC-GD-IR300 and the EOC-GD-PCL0A2K are NDIR CO2 gas modules that have a precision light chamber, state of the art electronics and intelligent software. With the help of single light source, dual channel detector, and microprocessor, both modules can accurately measure the gas concentration.  Both systems are great for applications like indoor air monitoring, ventilating system, cars etc. The EOC-GD-PCL0A2K is really small (nothing is smaller).

EOC-GD-IR300 Low Cost CO2 Module

In the EOC-GD-IR300 Module, temperature compensation is included as well as firmware to null out any nonlinearity. It has all the advantages of NDIR gas detection including good selectivity, high sensitivity, long life and independence from O2 interference. You can accurately measure CO2 using flow through or diffusion.

EOC-GD-IR300 ModuleMinTypicalMaxUnit
Detection range0200050000ppm
Detection accuracy-±50ppm±3% FS-ppm
RepeatabilityZero -<±80-ppm
50% FS-<±8% FS-


The  EOC-GD-PCL0A2K  is really small (10 x 10 x 31mm!!!) and low cost but it still has all the advantages of other NDIR products, such as good selectivity, high sensitivity, long life and is not interfered with when O2 is present. With the help of single light source, single channel detector, and microprocessor, EOC-GD-PCL0A2K can perform the gas concentration signal in different ways. In this product, temperature compensation has been realized as well as the revision of the nonlinear relationship. The EOC-GD-PCL0A2K has the function of self calibration in every 24 hours.

10 x 10 x 31 mm
Detection accuracy±50ppm±5% reading
Detection Range
Response time T90
Warm-up time Set to work<60seconds
Precision reached<15minutes
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