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High Voltage Drivers / Modulators:

PCD-3000 Q-Switch Pockels Cell Driver

High Voltage Drivers /Modulators:Max VDCFrequencyRise Time
M250 Modulator Driver2507 MHz65 ns
M5000 Pockels Cell Driver+/-300014 KHz5 μs
PCD-3000 Q-Switch Pockels Cell Driver3000100KHz5 ns
100kHz Q-Switch Driver2000100 Hz5 ns
HVP50/80 Step Pulse Generator8000100 Hz3 ns
QBU-BT Series Pockels Cell Driver and High Voltage Pulse Generator600010 KHz8 ns
GIPO Series High Voltage Pulse Generators-5500100 Hz2.5 ns
Board Level High Voltage Pulse Generator5000100 KHz20 ns
Specialty High Voltage Power SuppliesTBDTBDTBD

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