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These infrared radiation sources are pulsable thermal emitters with a near black-body emittance.  They out-perform traditional IR sources with greater optical power out and more efficiency (less power in). They offer:

  • Patented nanotechnology achieves higher efficiency.
  • Patented emitter set-up made of a high-melting metal, the free-standing monolithic radiating element and the nanostructured emitter surface.
  • Lower element temperature of 600°C increases lifetime.

The emitters are:

Numerous performance advantages are achieved in many applications:

  • SMD emitters are great for many projects where size and power are issues (portable devices and others).
  • High power applications (TO39 and TO8 packages) where you can get more power out with the same or less power in.

Sensor Response for Modulated IR Sources – No Windows

Without Reflector

With Reflector

These thermal infrared emitters can be supplied in a 3×3 mm SMD package (really small). The infrared emitters are small, powerful thermal radiation sources, optimized for portable, battery-operated and mobile sensor applications. The company’s patented nanostructured radiation element technology makes these emitters high efficiency (up to 30% compared to 3 to 5% of MEMS). They offer up to 500% more output power than comparable technologies and can also be produced in larger (TO-39, TO-8) with even more output power. Gases in the ambient air can be analyzed more precisely in lower concentrations and in shorter measuring times. The emitter wide wavelength range works well in a variety of applications including mobile, portable devices and various wearables, for miniaturized gas sensors and handheld spectrometers. Automated low cost SMD assembly makes these sources ideal for high volume applications.

Product Element
Max Optical
Basic Series (with Integrated Reflector)
EOC-IRE-550R11 mm2 > 0.9600°C @ 650mW up to 220mW 4 Hz 2 - 12μm TO-39/5
EOC-IRE-550R-C11 mm2 > 0.9600°C @ 650mWup to 220mW 4 Hz 2 - 12μm TO-39/5Yes
EOC-IRE-550R-BAF11 mm2> 0.9600°C @ 650mWup to 220mW4 Hz2 - 12μmTO-39/5BaF2
EOC-IRE-550R-CAF11 mm2> 0.9600°C @ 650mWup to 220mW4 Hz2 - 12μmTO-39/5CaF2
EOC-IRE-550R-SAP11 mm2> 0.9600°C @ 650mWup to 220mW4 Hz2 - 12μmTO-39/5Sapphire
SMD Series - Brochure
EOC-IRE-20SMD0.24 mm2> 0.9700°C @ 175mWup to 20mW15 Hz2 - 16μmSMD3Option
EOC-IRE-100SMD1mm2> 0.9600°C @ 290mWup to 50mW11 Hz2 - 16μmSMD3Option
EOC-IRE-180SMD1.0x1.8mm2> 0.9600°C @ 400mW8 Hz2 - 16μmSMD3
Power Series - Brochure
EOC-IRE-2000R40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μm6mm H
EOC-IRE-2000R-6-SAF40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μm6mm H
EOC-IRE-2000R-6-CAF40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μm6mm H
EOC-IRE-2000R-9-SAF40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μm9mm HSapphire
EOC-IRE-2000R-9-BAF40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μm9mm HBaF2
EOC-IRE-2000R-C40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μmTO-8Yes
EOC-IRE-2000R-C-BAF40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μmTO-8BaF2Yes
EOC-IRE-2000R-C-CAF40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μmTO-8CaF2Yes

The EOC-IRE-2000R Series TO8 packaged emitters with radiating emissivity > 0.9, radiating temperature 630°C at 2.5 W and optical output power up to 1 W, are ideal for replacing Globar silicon carbide emitters when looking for high power and maximum efficiency in a smaller package for portable mid and far Infrared applications like spectroscopy. With Kr backfill gas, energy consumption can be reduced to about 1.5 W with same optical output power.

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