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Founded 1997

Dunn & Bradstreet # 01-659-4439

25 years old (young by conservative standards but in the high tech world, a mature company)

Original Owners:  Laser Components GmbH 33%,  Cal Sensors, Inc  33%,  Victor Yen   33%.

Original Name: Laser Components, Inc.
Name Change: October, 2003
Reason for name change – Laser Components GmbH wanted a USA based division that they owned 100%, so they took away the name.

Ownership Change:  May 2007, William Bolster purchased Electro Optical Components, Inc from the 3 owners;  Reason for sale:

  1. Laser Components GmbH had established a USA based division and this was a conflict.
  2. Cal Sensors, Inc. was being sold from private ownership to ITW, Inc and needed to clean up their books.
  3. Victor Yen retired March 2007

Turnover:  Not published, but between $2,000,000 and $5,000,000

Facilities:  May 2013, EOC moved into a company owned office from leased space.  The size of the new company owned facility is over 4 times larger than the previous location.

EOC is a specialty technical distributor representing primarily European (British and German) companies.  It was founded in 1997 to develop a sales organization for North America for these companies.

We are engineers with years of experience in sales and marketing.  Before Electro Optical Components William Bolster was a VP of Sales and Marketing for a technology company and knows how to sell to this market.

EOC has 25 years experience selling optical components and detectors.  They know how to get the maximum exposure and how to work with the customer to get the orders.  EOC grew over the last 5 years.  This is impressive considering the overall economic conditions.

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