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Amplifiers / Photoreceivers
Sophisticated Tools for Signal Recovery

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VIS – Mid IR Detector Soultions
Detectors / Sensors / Photodiodes

Detector solutions for the Mid IR, Near IR and VIS – SWIR

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Gas Sensor Modules,
Components & Accessories

NDIR, Electrochemical, PID, H2, MEMS Gas Senor Modules; Pyro, Thermopile, PbSe & MerCad Telluride Detectors; IR Sources

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Infrared Sources / Choppers & Blackbodies
Pulsable Broadband IR Sources, High and Low Power CW Broadband IR Sources, Mid IR LEDs, Blackbodies


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SiC, GaN and InGaN UV Detectors, UV SiC APDs for Flame Detection
SiC, GaN and InGaN UV detectors, meters and probes for monitoring low and high energy UV. UV APDs for flame detection and other low level UV applications.

Laser Diodes / Laser Diode Modules / LEDs
A variety of Laser Diode Modules and LEDs for Medical , Industrial, Scientific and Military applications

Fiber Products & Accessories
Sockets & Interconnects

Fiber Optic Laser Diodes, Optical Receivers, High Speed Fiber LEDs, Fiber Optic Photodiodes, Fiberpoint Fiber Testing Devices

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High Voltage Drivers / Modulators
Pulse Generators

Electro Optic Modulators, Spatial Light Modulators, High Voltage Drivers, High Voltage Pulse Generators

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Infrared Filters
TO Caps with IR Filter

Standard and Custom IR Filters; Narrow Bandpass, Wide Bandpass, Long Wave Pass, Short Pass, Neutral Density, AR Coatings


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Optics & Coatings
Attenuators, Faraday Optical Isolators/Rotators, Q-Switches / Pockels cells, Spatial Light Modulators, Polarizers, Beamsplitters, Beam Shapers, CO2 Reflective Mirrors, Diamond, Germanium & Sapphire Optics, Optical Components

Spectral Imaging / Spectroscopy
Compact & Mini Spectral Imaging Systems, Software Solutions, Spectroscopy Fiber Probes, Biophotonics

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