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TDLS/TDLAS [Tunable Diode Laser (Absorption) Spectrometry] gas analysis modules are a new generation of ultra-high precision gas detection products which are suitable for coal mine, chemical industry and other industries. Based on the principle of laser spectral absorption, the modules have

  • High measurement accuracy
  •  Wide range
  • Quick response time
  • Internal temperature compensation and cross interference compensation
  • Good stability
  • Long service life.

Low Cost TDLAS Modules
These small TDLAS modules have many of the features of the larger TDLS (TDLAS) modules, but are way smaller and lower cost. They are diffusion modules.

CH4 &
Methane & Ethane Detector PD358Natural Gas consists primarily of Methane and Ethane. If you want to detect the presence of natural gas without false readings detecting both gases is critical. Methane by itself is everywhere.

CH4Methane Detector PD-177

Handheld Methane (CH4) Detector Sensors
For applications where a portable Methane sensor is important there are a flashlight size and a handheld sensor.

CH4Mini Gas Flashlight Methane (CH4) Detector L10M

CH4Handheld Methane (CH4) Detector C10X

Lasers for Gas Sensing
These lasers have wavelengths that are matched to the absorption band of the gas indicated. Because of this they are very accurate and reliable.

O2760nm SM VCSEL (Laser) for O2 Sensing

The larger TDLS (TDLAS) modules are capable of continuous detection of the gas concentration. Their response time is shorter because the sample gas is filtered and pumped through the module. The modules have RS485 communication interface and use Modbus communication protocol. Gases measured using these modules include:

HCLHydrochloric Acid
HFHydrofluoric Acid
COCarbon Monoxide
CO2Carbon Dioxide

DOAS/ NDUV is used for gases where water (H2O) interferes with the reading because the absorption bands are similar.

H2SHydrogen SulfideDOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy)/NDUV
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