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The H2scan Gen5 Hydrogen Sensor pairs a high performance ASIC to H2scan’s field-proven thin-film hydrogen sensor. This stand-alone sensor system has been designed to provide precision hydrogen measurement, at a lower cost for the high-volume OEM.

The Gen5 Hydrogen Sensor is the industry’s #1 solid-state hydrogen sensor technology in a robust yet compact package. Rated for a wide temperature range and marine exposure, the Gen5 Hydrogen Sensor installs directly onto a transformer and can withstand the harshest industrial applications including:

  • Small Distribution Transformers
  • Vault Transformers
  • Wind Farm Transformers
  • Railroad/Traction Transformers
  • Offshore platforms


  • Precise Hydrogen Specific Measurements
  • Sensing device immersed directly in oil for hydrogen measurement
  • Functionality over a broad temperature range
  • High EMI/RFI rating
  • IP68 Ingress Protection.

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