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EOC offers temperature sensors, conductivity sensors, mass flow sensors, humidity sensors and modules.

These sensors and sensor modules are used in measuring instruments for various applications, such as med-tech, process control, automation, aerospace, test and measurement or biotechnology.  Also available are sensor adaptations to individual, customer-specific application needs.  These sensors are characterized by their accuracy and consistency in various measurement conditions.


Operating Temp Ranges:
Accuracy as good as:

-200°C – +850°C
Analog or Digital

Conductivity Ranges:
Typical Cell Constant:
Operating Temp Ranges:

0.0 mS/cm – 200 mS/cm
0.44 – 0.86 cm-1
-30°C – +100°C

Gas or Liquid
Flow Direction:
Operating Temp Ranges:
Flow Ranges:

One and Two directions
-40°C – +400°C
0 m/s to 100 m/s

Humidity Range:
Accuracy as good as:

0% to 100% RH
±0.5% RH

EOC offers a fast design-in-process for the development of sensor(s) for your application. Combine one or more sensors (temperature, conductivity, flow, humidity). There is a broad choice of materials, technologies, sizes, forms and capabilities of these sensors. Let us help you find the right ingredients to build the ideal sensor / sensor combination to suit your application.

Innovative Sensor Technology

Custom designs for all your applications. Speed product design by using application-specific sensor components and multi sensor (temperature, conductivity, flow and/or humidity) modules, pre-assembled for easy system integration. Our experts will help you find the right sensor solution to fit your requirements.

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