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EOC supplies a wide range of infrared lamps primarily for the OEM market. Their products are used in near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas detectors for medical and industrial applications including: CO, CO2, alcohol, hydrocarbon and other noxious gases, thermal reference calibration, thermal markers, thermal beacons, and many other applications.

Check the high efficiency Nanostructure IR Sources with a near black-body emittance. They are high power and also available in SMD packaging.

PULSABLE sources utilizing tungsten and Nichrome (NiCr) and STEADY STATE sources utilizing Kanthal and NiCr filaments constructed in industry standard TO-5 and TO-8 sized packages with gold plated parabolic reflectors to enhance output in the near infrared. We welcome your requests with specialized requirements to meet your needs.

The EF-853X Series is a high quality replacement for the old SVF-series emitters. The EF-853X Series infrared (IR) emitters are designed to be used as pulsable sources of blackbody radiation. The radiating element in the pulsable emitters is an ultra-thin metallic foil configured so that radiation from both sides of the heated foil is efficiently directed out of the package along the optic axis. The foil material has an emissivity of 0.88 and closely emulates a blackbody source in spectral distribution.

Key Features

  • Pulse or steady state
  • Long term stability
  • Desirable signal-to-noise ratio
  • Large temperature modulation, ΔT, in pulse mode
  • Latest technology in packaging and window options
  • Internal gold plated parabolic reflector. Gold has a very high reflectance in the near infrared. This reflectance is several percent greater than polished aluminum which is typically used in conventional infrared sources.

Nanostructure IR Sources

Product Element
Max Optical
Basic Series (with Integrated Reflector)
EOC-IRE-550R11 mm2 > 0.9600°C @ 650mW up to 220mW 4 Hz 2 - 12μm TO-39/5
EOC-IRE-550R-C11 mm2 > 0.9600°C @ 650mWup to 220mW 4 Hz 2 - 12μm TO-39/5Yes
EOC-IRE-550R-BAF11 mm2> 0.9600°C @ 650mWup to 220mW4 Hz2 - 12μmTO-39/5BaF2
EOC-IRE-550R-CAF11 mm2> 0.9600°C @ 650mWup to 220mW4 Hz2 - 12μmTO-39/5CaF2
EOC-IRE-550R-SAP11 mm2> 0.9600°C @ 650mWup to 220mW4 Hz2 - 12μmTO-39/5Sapphire
SMD Series - Brochure
EOC-IRE-20SMD0.24 mm2> 0.9700°C @ 175mWup to 20mW15 Hz2 - 16μmSMD3Option
EOC-IRE-100SMD1mm2> 0.9600°C @ 290mWup to 50mW11 Hz2 - 16μmSMD3Option
EOC-IRE-180SMD1.0x1.8mm2> 0.9600°C @ 400mW8 Hz2 - 16μmSMD3
Power Series - Brochure
EOC-IRE-2000R40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μm6mm H
EOC-IRE-2000R-6-SAF40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μm6mm H
EOC-IRE-2000R-6-CAF40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μm6mm H
EOC-IRE-2000R-9-SAF40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μm9mm HSapphire
EOC-IRE-2000R-9-BAF40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μm9mm HBaF2
EOC-IRE-2000R-C40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μmTO-8Yes
EOC-IRE-2000R-C-BAF40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μmTO-8BaF2Yes
EOC-IRE-2000R-C-CAF40 mm2> 0.9630°C @ 2.5Wup to 1W2.5 Hz2 - 16μmTO-8CaF2Yes

High Power Pulsable / Steady State IR Sources

ProductFilamentInput PowerDrive C & V
@ 10Hz mA/V
Operating TempSpectral Range
EmissivityModulation Frequency HzModulation DepthReflectorLifetime
EF-853X3 Element Foil4 W1.34A/3.0V700°C1 - 5.50.88950%TO-8None,
EF-853X R3 Element Foil4 W1.34A/3.0V700°C1 - 5.50.88950%Gold ReflectorTO-8None,
EP-3872Tungsten2.4 W1.1A/2.2V1600°C1 - 5.5550% Built in GoldTO-8Sapphire
EP-3962Tungsten2.7 W1.05A/2.6V1600°C1 - 5.5550%Built in GoldTO-8Sapphire
EP-3963Tungsten3.0 W1.0A/3.0V1600°C1 - 5.5550%Built in GoldTO-8Sapphire
EP-3964Tungsten3.5 W1.0A/3.5V1600°C1 - 5.5550%Built in GoldTO-8Sapphire
EP-3965Tungsten7.2 W2.0A/3.5V1600°C1 - 5.5550%Built in GoldTO-8Sapphire
EP-4317Tungsten10.5W2.1A/5.0V 1600°C1-5.5550%Built in GoldTO-8Sapphire
EF-8530NiCr Film3.9W1.3A/3.5V700°C1 - 70.88850%Built in GoldEPTO-8None
EF-8531NiCr Film3.9W1.3A/3.5V700°C1 - 70.88850%Built in GoldEPTO-8Sapphire
EF-8532NiCr Film3.9W1.3A/3.5V700°C1 - 70.88850%Built in GoldEPTO-8CaF2
EF-8533NiCr Film3.9W1.3A/3.5V700°C1 - 70.88850%Built in GoldEPTO-8ZnSe

High Power Steady State IR Sources

ProductFilamentInput PowerDrive C & V
@ 10Hz mA/V
Range -µm
Emissivity Reflector Lifetime
IRS-001CProprietary Filament7.5W1.5A / 5V950°C1.2 - 12 0.7Yes30K@ 900°CCustomOptional
IRSU-001-XXProprietary Filament7.5W120V / 0.3A950°C1.2 - 120.7Yes30K@ 900°CModuleOptional
EK-8520Kanthal4.4W1.48A/3.0V950°C1-70.7Built in Gold5K@ 950°CTO-8None
EK-8521Kanthal4.4W1.48A/3.0V950°C1-70.7Built in Gold5K@ 950°CTO-8Sapphire
EK-8522Kanthal4.4W1.48A/3.0V950°C1-70.7Built in Gold5K@ 950°CTO-8CaF2
EK-8523Kanthal4.4W1.48A/3.0V950°C1-70.7Built in Gold5K@ 950°CTO-8ZnSe
EK-8620Kanthal8.4W2.4A / 3.5V1050°C1-70.7Built in GoldTO-8None
EK-8621Kanthal8.4W2.4A / 3.5V1050°C1-70.7Built in GoldTO-8Sapphire
EK-8622Kanthal8.4W2.4A / 3.5V1050°C1-70.7Built in GoldTO-8CaF2
EK-5270Kanthal1.72W1.23A / 1.4V950°C1-70.7Built in Gold5K @ 950°CTO-5None
EK-5272Kanthal1.72W1.23A / 1.4V950°C1-70.7Built in Gold5K @ 950°CTO-5CaF2
EK-5370Kanthal2.52W1.8A / 1.4V950°C1 - 5.50.7Built in Gold5K @ 950°CTO-5None
EK_5372Kanthal2.52W1.8A / 1.4V950°C1 - 5.50.7Built in Gold5K @ 950°CTO-5CaF2
EK-827X*Kanthal1.72W1.23A / 1.4V950°C1-70.7Built in Gold5K @ 950°CTO-8None, Sap,
CaF2, ZnSe
EK-837X*Kanthal2.52W1.8A / 1.4V950°C1-70.7Built in Gold5K @ 950°CTO-8None, Sap,
CaF2, ZnSe
EK-3430Kanthal12W2.96A/4.0V950°C1-70.7Built in GoldTO-3Optional
* Bigger TO-8 reflector gives better focus to beam than TO-5 reflector
Application Notes:

Filament Application Note

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