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FEMTO offers the FST flange for all photoreceivers which are available as FS version.  You have the choice between a 1.035″-40 threaded flange, including coupler ring with 30 mm outer diameter (FST) and a 25 mm unthreaded flange (FS).  Both types offer a broad compatibility with optical standard accessories like tubes, lenses, cage systems, optical adapters etc. from various manufacturers.

The FST version can be easily converted to an optical fiber input using the optional available PRA-FC or PRA-FSMA fiber-adapters.  Please note, that FEMTO recommends the fiber adapters only for photoreceivers with photosensitive area of 0.4 mm diameter or more.  Coupling efficiency may be compromised for photodiodes with smaller diameter.

PRA-FC or PRA-FSMA Fiber-Adapters

PRA-FC Adapter  |  PRA-FSMA Adapter

  • Compatible with all FEMTO photoreceivers with threaded 1.035”-40 free space input
  • Easy mounting option for standard optical fibers
  • Recommended for photosensitive areas of 0.4 mm diameter or more
    (coupling efficiency may be compromised for photodiodes with smaller diameter)
  • Machined from solid stainless steel
  • Available adapter types: PRA-FC (FC/PC, FC/APC, FC/UPC) and PRA-FSMA
  • Other types on request

1.035”-40 Threaded Fiber Connectors for FEMTO Photoreceivers

With the photoreceiver accessory series FEMTO offers fiber connectors which allow connecting the most common types of optical fibers to photoreceivers with 1.035”- 40 externally threaded free space input without considerable optical losses. Adapters for optical cables with FC connectors (FC/PC, FC/APC, FC/UPC) and FSMA connectors are available.

If the connector you need is not listed below, please contact EOC’s technical support.


  • Allows use of the same photoreceiver for free-space and fiber applications

Model: Fiber Connector Types



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