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Spectral Imaging and Hyperspectral Imaging

The enormous versatility of spectroscopy allows its application in a variety of applications, including hyperspectral imaging, chemical imaging and infrared (IR) cameras for imaging and processing.

Spectral imaging and hyperspectral imaging are made easy with these systems and software solutions.

Spectral-Imaging - EOC-SI-5001-1906.png

Ultra Compact Mini Spectrometers

Mini Spectrometer Modules

Model No.Wavelength nmDetectorCoolingFeatures
EOC-SI-1000200 - 11001500 Linear CCDUltra mini fiber spectrometer
EOC-SI-2000H200 - 11002048 CCDHigh speed, low noise mimi fiberoptic spectrometer
EOC-SI-2000P200 - 11002048 CCDLow noise micro spectrometer
EOC-SI-3000180 - 11002048 CCDLow noise, high resolution fiberoptic spectrometer
EOC-SI-3040180 - 11004096 CCDImproved SNR and dynamic range
EOC-SI-5001200 - 11002048 CCDTEC -15 C High performance mini fiberoptic spectrometer
EOC-SI-5020180 - 11502048 x 64 CCDTEC -20 CUltra high performance fiber-optic spectrometer
EOC-SI-5040180 - 11504098 x 64 CCDTEC -20 CImproved SNR and dynamic range
EOC-SI-6500180 - 11002048 x 64 CCD TEC -15 CHigh sensitivity, high resolution scientific mini fiberoptic spectrometmer
EOC-SI-8000900 - 2600256 x 512 CCDTEC -20 CNIR mini fiberoptic spectrometer
EOC-SI-82002500 - 5000128 x 256 PyroMid IR with pyroelectric detector

Spectrometer Systems

Model No.Wavelength nmDetectorFeatures
EOC-SI-7000350 - 800 /
190 - 1100
Fully-automated, Rapid spectrophotometer, up to 44 samples
EOC-SI-7100190 - 1100 /
900 - 1700
Portable spectrometer measure absorption to determine concentration
EOC-SI-9000400 - 10001920 x 10801500gLight weight VIS-NIR imaging spectrometer for airborn applications
EOC-SI-9010400 - 10001920 x 1080950gLighter weight VIS-NIR imaging spectrometer for airborn applications
EOC-SI-9020400 - 10001920 x 1080650gLightest weight VIS-NIR imaging spectrometer for airborn applications
EOC-SI-9100300 - 10002028 x 14 CCDTEC High performance handheld hyperspectral spectroradiometer, TEC for stability
EOC-SI-9100-25300 - 1000350 - 2500 CCD
& InGaAs
TEC Portable hyperspectral field spectroradiometer, spectral range between 350-2500nm
EOC-SI-B300190-1000CCDUncooled/CooledMulti Parameter Water Quality Analyser
EOC-SI-D030Multi Function Pretreatment Meter for Trace Detection for Food Safety, SERS, etc.

Spectroscopy Software

EOC-SI-9000SWVIS-NIR-Hyper-Spectral Imager software interface includes areas of single wavelength graph, spectra curve, camera control, etc.

Raman Spectrometer Systems and Handheld Devices

Model No.Wavelength nmDetectorFeatures
EOC-SI-R3000-XX150 - 4300FFT CCD, TEC High sensitivity, high resolution portable Raman spectrometer with 785nm excitation wavelength
EOC-SI-R3000-1064150 - 4300InGaAs CCD, TECHigh sensitivity, high resolution portable Raman spectrometer with 1064nm excitation wavelength
EOC-SI-R3110-XXXX150 - 4000FFT CCD, TECHigh sensitivity, high resolution portable Raman spectrometer with XXXXnm excitation wavelength
EOC-SI-R3110-1064900 - 1700512 InGaAs TECHigh sensitivity, high resolution portable Raman spectrometer with 1064nm excitation wavelength
EOC-SI-R6200200 - 11002048 CCD, TECHandheld ultra-thin high performance Raman spectrometer, 785nm exitation wavelength
EOC-SI-R6500200 - 1100FFT CCD, TECHandheld, light weight (450g) high performance Raman spectrometer, 785nm exitation wavelength
EOC-SI-R6600900 - 1700InGaAs TECHandheld, compact (961g) high performance Raman spectrometer, 1064nm exitation wavelength

Raman Microscopes

Model No.Wavelength nmDetectorFeatures
EOC-SI-R8300AF200 - 11002048 CCD, TEC Auto focusing Raman microscope with 532nm, 785nm & 1064nm exitation wavelengths
EOC-SI-R8300BS200 - 11002048 CCD, TECRaman microscope with 532nm, 785nm & 1064nm exitation wavelengths
EOC-SI-R8300MP200 - 1100CCD & InGaAs, TECMapping Raman microscope with 532nm, 785nm & 1064nm exitation wavelengths


NIR-Hyperspectral camera (950– 1700nm)

System with InGaAs-detector for measurements in the Near Infrared (NIR).

  • High measurement rate (330Hz, full ROI)
  • Ideally suited for qualitative and quantitative measurement in process environments.
  • No sample preparation necessary
  • Halogen lighting sufficient
  • Red Eye 1.7 950-1700nm Datasheet

NIR/SWIR-Hyperspectral camera (1200-2200nm)

System with InGaAs-detector (extended spectral range) for measurements in the Near Infrared (NIR).


MIR-Hyperspectral camera (2900– 4200nm)

High-end camera system for measurements in the mid-infrared (MIR).

Green Eye

VIS/NIR-Hyperspectral camera (400 – 1000nm)

Compact system equipped with CMOS-sensor. Combines color and NIR information. Extended spectral range between 400 and 1000nm.

Orange Eye

VIS/NIR Hyperspectral Camera (580 – 1000nm)

Robust and compact hyperspectral camera in the wavelength range from 580 to 1000nm. Easy integration in the process.

Blue Eye

UV-Hyperspectral camera (190 – 380nm)

System equipped with a detector sensitive in the deep ultraviolet suited for measurements of electron transitions.

Color & NIR Spectral Imaging System 1.7

High Performance for NIR (900 – 1700nm)

For applications that require:

color nir imaging


High Performance Raman System for Laboratories and Process Applications (785nm)

  • The Raman 785 system is ideally suited for precise measurements in harsh process environments because of its high optical throughput, rugged design and high resolution.
  • Raman 785 Datasheet
raman 785

Software Solutions

inno-spec has partnered with Prediktera to create a software solution that easily converts the output of the inno-spec spectral imaging system to a working application. You now can easily customize the system to measure and categorize what you want. It is really hyperspectral imaging made easy!!! See the video above. And there is more about Prediktera

Ultra Compact Mini Spectrometer

LMS-R LED Minispectrometer is the new ultra compact, lightweight instrument for spectral analysis in the near-infrared range 1.3 –2.4 μm. It enables very fast and simple measurement procedure of various samples: solids, liquids, powders. Datasheet

LED LIne LIghtLED Line Lighting

The LED line lighting with integrated Fresnel lens is characterized by its compact design and homogeneous illumination. In the standard version, it is equipped with RGB LEDs. However, other wavelengths are possible upon request. Pulsed operation requires a stabilized 24 V voltage supply. The lighting features a modular design and is therefore available in various lengths.

Product Illumination Line Pulse Duration Working Distance
LED Line Lighting (Visible) 750 x 14mm 1µs to 65ms 300mm standard
200 – 1000mm

Stepper Table and Accessories

Stepper Table SpectroscopyThe stepper table is a positioning table that moves the object vertically to the scanning direction of the optical system (Push-Broom Scanning). It can be upgraded by adding the option for scanning in a second direction. This is useful if measurements with a high magnification are needed.

Product Table Size Max. Motion Max. Speed Resolution
Stepper Table 330 x 250mm 300mm ~5.5 mm/s < 10µm



Applications Notes:
Software Solutions, Spectral & Hyperspectral Imaging Made Easy
Hyperspectral Imaging Applications 
Process Analytics Using Hyperspectral Imaging
SpectralEye 1.7 Belt Speed
Spectral Imaging use in Recycling Industry
Spectral Imaging use in Wood Processing
Spectral Imaging Systems NIR
Potato, Cheese, Fruit & Nut and Baked Goods Processing, Paper Processing

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