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FIBERPOINT® Fiber Fault Locators / Fiber Test Devices w
Wth universal adapter in order to test single and multi-mode glass fibers and other fiber-optic components for breakage or defaults
Wavelength (nm): 635, 650

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Fiber Probes for Raman Spectroscopy
Raman Probes feature excellent coupling efficiency, wide spectral range and good stability.

Fiber Arrays GCTP Series
GCTP Series V-groove Fiber Array Model

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Specialty Optical Fibers and Fiber Systems
Specialty Fibers & Fiber Cables
Spectroscopy Fiber Probes
Fiber Optic Bundles and Converters
Accessories for Mid IR Fiber Spectroscopy and Biophotonics

Fiber Optic Laser Diodes & Receivers
Wavelength (nm): 405-1550

High Speed Fiber LEDs
880 nm and 1310 nm

Fiber Optic Photodiodes
850 nm and 1310 nm

Sockets & Interconnects
Interconnection components to cost effectively protect, assemble, test and replace semiconductor devices

Standardized fiber optic components and accessories from IMM are available in different receptacles and pigtail versions. We offer not only laser diodes from 635 nm up to 1550 nm, SM and MM VCSEL’s, but also recipients at 850 nm and 1300 nm up to 1550 nm. Fiber collimators reaching from 635 nm up to 1550 nm are also available.  Fiber  testing devices, fiber probes for Raman spectroscopy, fiber arrays, and specialty optical fibers and fiber systems are also available. Contact us for customer-specific solutions.

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