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IMM offers a variety of fiber optic standard components with different receptacles and in pigtail design, including laser diodes with wavelength ranges from 635 nm up to 1550 nm, SM and MM VCSELs, Receivers 850 nm and 1300 nm, as well as Fiber Collimators with wavelength ranges from 635 nm up to 1550 nm.

IMM also offers various custom designed solutions. Please contact us to discuss your specifications.

Photodiodes 850 nm and 1310 nm

Possible Receptacle Types (see Drawings):
Receptacle Type A: ST1, ST2, ST4, P2, SMA1*, SMA2*, LC, SC, FC1, FC2
* only for MM

SensitivitySensitivityTyp. Bandwidth
Part # Typ. (850 nm)Typ. (1310 nm)
IMF-D-PD-850/100-_-_ 0.42000
IMF-D-PD-850/400-_-_ 0.471000
IMF-D-PD-1310/55-_-_ 0.803000
IMF-D-PD-1310/75-_-_ 0.852000

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