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Pulsed & High Power Broadband IR Sources
Electro Optical Components offers high power steady state (CW) and pulsed IR sources for NDIR application.

High Efficiency IR Sources
High efficiency nanostructure IR emitters in SMD and high power packaging

High Power Pulsable IR Sources
EOC offers a variety of high power sources that can be pulsed up to 9 Hz.

High Power Steady State IR Sources
EOC also has a variety of high power steady state (CW) IR sources.

CW High Power IR Source for Spectroscopy, NDIR and FT-IR
The EOC CW high power IR sources are excellent for Spectroscopy, NDIR and FT-IR applications.

Extended Area Blackbody
The EOC-BB-DBB Series Blackbodies provides a cost-effective Blackbody solution.

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Mid IR Narrowband LEDs & Photodiodes
Narrow band Mid IR LEDs and Broadband Mid IR photodiodes are a great solid state solution for NDIR when high frequency measurements or low power is required.

Infrared Pulsable Array
EOC’s family of pulsable infrared arrays provides broadband IR illumination for asset identification at medium to long range.

Sockets & Interconnects
Sockets & Interconnects for your radial components

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