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ELECTRO OPTICAL COMPONENTS, Inc.  has been serving the  North American Photonics Industry with quality products for over 26 years. Through our partners we supply a variety of state-of-the-art, cutting-edge optics and systems.

For questions, technical information or quotations, please email us or call toll free 1-855-362-6300; International call +1-707-568-1642.

EOC is staffed by personnel with many years of technical and technical component sales experience in the American laser and photonics industry. Over the entire customer product cycle, EOC and each of our partners combine as a team to respond to customer requirements. Through research, development and prototyping, we consistently provide technical support and work closely with our customers to ensure proper cost/performance tradeoffs are made for the optimum component specifications. In production, we are dedicated to consistently superior product quality, and take pride in our workmanship and ability to meet delivery commitments.

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