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Custom-designed photoreceiver modules and amplifiers for complete solutions for measurement systems

Optical Receiver with
Large Area Av-Photodiode
Optical Receivers3-Channel Dual Phase

For LIDAR-Systems


Microbench Flange

For operation in
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Industrial Applications

As an essential key to a professional product is the careful, thorough and detailed mathematical/physical system analysis and optimization. This includes the performance of our amplifiers as well as the characteristics of all other system components. Therefore, we can avoid costs due to never-ending redesigns. In a step-by-step dialog with you we draft a product concept, subsequently translated by our engineering team into a high quality product. Pricing depends on the customer’s requirements and can vary significantly depending on the selected photodiode.

Custom Photoreceivers
FEMTO custom photoreceivers integrate customer specified photodiodes into the amplifier housing, thus eliminating the detrimental noise and capacitive effect of the connecting cable and improving the overall performance. Various options are available:

  • bandwidth from DC to 1.5 GHz
  • wavelength from 300 nm up to 2400 nm
  • free-space or fiber coupled input
  • Si or InGaAs photodiodes with active diameter of 50 ?m up to 5 mm
  • Conversion gain up to 1 TV/W (10^12 V/W)
  • NEP down to 0.5 fW/sqrt(Hz)

Custom Photoreceiver Questionnaire (pdf)

Typical applications of FEMTO’s photoreceivers include:

  • Spectroscopy
  • Opto-electrical measurements
  • Time-resolved pulse and transient measurements
  • Particle detection

Please email us the required specs and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

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