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  • Wide Dynamic Range up to 80 dB
  • DC coupled input
  • Switchable Input Range: +20 μV … +200 mV and +200 μV … 2V
  • Rise/Fall Time 5 ns
  • Input Noise 2 nV/√Hz
  • Local and Remote Control
  • Integrated Sample & Hold Baseline Correction

The FEMTO HLVA-100 Logarithmic Wideband Voltage Amplifier offers a wide dynamic range of up to 80 dB. With a DC coupled input and a rise and fall time of just 5 ns the HLVA-100 is the ideal tool for the measurement of fast and high dynamic pulses. The input voltage noise is extremely low with just 2 nV/√Hz. The logarithmic gain curve offers high gain for small input signals and relatively low gain for high input signals. Therefore the HLVA-100 is the ideal amplifier for signals with high dynamic range and applications in which a signal compression is desired.

Input Offset
The HLVA-100 provides 3 possibilities of an input offset voltage correction (baseline correction). All three methods cancel both temperature drift dependent offset and small source voltage offset:

  • Manual Null Adjust by Trimpot
  • Remote Null Adjust by + 10 V Control Voltage
  • Baseline Correction Loop to Perform Remote Auto-Null


  • LIDAR Systems
  • Signal Compression
  • Time-Resolved Pulse and Transient Measurements
  • Mass Spectroscopy
  • Particle Detection

Low Noise Input/Output CableCAB-LN1 Low Noise Cable

Logarithmic Wideband Voltage Amplifiers

Input Voltage RangeSwitchable ±20 μV ... ±200 mV and ±200 μV ... ±2 V
Dynamic RangeTyp. 60 dB (for Accurate Amplitude Measurement)
Max. 80 dB (for Signal Detection)
Scaling12.5 mV/dB, 250 mV/Decade @ 50 Ω load
Linearity±1 dB (for pulse of min. 20 ns pulse width)
Signal PathDC Coupled, Rectifying
Input Noise Voltage [nV/√Hz] 2
Input Voltage Drift [μV/°C ]0.6
Input/Output50 Ohm, BNC
Rise/Fall Time5 ns @ 40 dB step
Output Voltage Range± 50 ... + 1075 mV typ. @ 50 Ω Load
(if Output is adjusted to 1 V at 100 mV Input)
Offset Voltage Range±2.5 mV on input, ±500mV on Output
Control InterfaceTTL/CMOS,
Offset adjustable by trimpot or external control voltage. Power supply ± 15 V via 3-pin LEMO socket. A mating connector is provided with the device. Optional power supply PS-15 available. For further information please view the datasheet.

Typical Performance Characteristics

FEMTO Product Catalog (pdf)

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