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Single-Board Euro-Card Lock-In Amplifiers

High Performance lock-in amplifier at an attractive price

The high prices for usual desktop lock-in-amplifiers often impede their use in cost sensitive applications. For this reason, FEMTO designed a complete and easy-to-use lock-in board at a very attractive price. All settings for sensitivity, time constant and phase shift can be selected either manually by front-panel switches or remotely by a PC via the digital interface. Additional signal filters can be configured by jumpers on the board to further increase the dynamic reserve in demanding applications.

19″ Board versus PC Card
A PC card is exposed to the electromagnetic disturbed environment inside a computer case. Therefore, using a PC card for ultra-sensitive measurements of small signals is often not practical. FEMTO’s Series LIA-BV(D)-150 Lock-In Amplifiers are designed as 19″ boards which can operate in EMI-designed standard cases which offer best possible shielding and noise suppression. In addition, these lock-in amplifiers are the perfect choice for designing high-performance multi-channel systems.


  • Spectroscopy
  • Luminescence, Fluorescence, Phosphorescence Measurements
  • Light Scattering Measurements
  • Opto-Electronical Quality Control
  • Integration in Industrial and Scientific Measurement-Systems
  • Multi-Channel-Systems at an Attractive Price


Single-Board Euro-Card Lock-In Amplifiers

Single Phase
Single Phase
Dual Phase
Dual Phase
Working Frequency5 Hz...10 kHz50 Hz...120 kHz5 Hz...10 kHz50 Hz...120 kHz
Time Constants3 ms-10 s300 μs-1 s3 ms-10 s300 μs-1 s
Outputs (BNC)X = In Phase, ±10 V Full Scale,
Short-Circuit Protected,
Signal Monitor Output
X = In Phase, ±10 V Full Scale,
Short-Circuit Protected,
Signal Monitor Output
X = In Phase,
Y = Quadrature,
R = Magnitude
X = In Phase,
Y = Quadrature,
R = Magnitude
Sensitivity (Full Scale)Voltage: 3 μV - 1 V in 1-3-10 Steps
Current: 30 pA - 10 μA in 1-3-10 Steps
Gain Accuracy± 2% for a Sinusoidal Input Signal
Voltage InputTrue-differential instrumentation amplifier, Noise 12nV/√Hz
Current InputTransimpedance Amplifier, Gain 100 kV/A, Noise 0.4 pA/√Hz
Signal FilterHigh Pass 0.2 Hz - 1 kHz and Low Pass 100 Hz - 1 MHz, User Selectable
Reference Input± 100 mV to ± 5 V, switchable to TTL
PhaseAdjustable 0 - 360°
Demodulator80 dB Max. Dynamic Reserve, Square Wave Mixer
Control Interface16 Opto-Isolated Digital Inputs, TTL/CMOS Compatible
Interface Software OptionLUCI-10 Control Interface Software and Hardware option
Dimensions160 x 100 x 20 mm (L x W x H), Weight 100 g. (0.22 lbs)
LED overload, unlocked and power indication. Connectors for an optional SOM-1 Reference Oscillator Module are on board. Power supply ±15V. Optional mounting kit MK-LIA-2 available. For further information please view the datasheet.
Block Diagram LIA-BVD-150-H

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