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Er:YAG lasers operating at 2.94 microns wavelength are popular in dentistry and medicine but the high pulse power can damage many optics. Fortunately metal mirrors offer excellent laser damage resistance. Frequently used in articulated arms, the broad reflectivity of gold means a single arm can be used for several types of infra red lasers, CO2 and for example, without changing optics.

Uncoated Molybdenum mirrors can also be used, the Reflectivity at around 98% is lower, but the surface is exceptionally hard and scratch resistant, chemically inert, and very durable.

We also offer silicon mirrors coated for maximum reflectance at 2.94 microns. This is useful where lightweight optics are needed. For lightweight applications aluminum based mirrors can be used.

We also manufacture metal mirrors with an enhanced silver coating giving 99%R from 1-6 microns wavelength, and gives a durable surface.

Small mirrors down to 5mm diameter, 1mm thick with full optical specifications can be made.

Good reflectivity of Gold in the visible allows red alignment lasers to be used to simplify the assembly of the articulated arm. We have developed copper mirrors with hardened stainless steel “pads” pressed into copper, for spike type mounting legs to sit on as a datum surface

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