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EOC offers mirrors manufactured by Laser Beam Products for many applications in the near infrared typically 800nm to 5um.

Gold coating offers a broad consistent reflectivity in the infra red spectrum from 800nm to beyond 20 microns. This is ideal for broad band infrared applications such as IR spectroscopy, or where multi-wavelength or tunable sources are used.

OPO’s are an area of research where gold coated mirrors can be used for multiple wavelength reflection.

Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) are developing rapidly, and our metal coated mirrors are being used in multi-pass systems such as Herriot Cells, White Cells for gas sensing, and spectroscopic gas analysis.

The chemical inertness of gold coated mirrors finds uses in environmental monitoring of gases such as in chimneys, flues, pipes, and of liquids where other materials would be destroyed.

Uncoated Molybdenum mirrors are very durable and inert, and suitable for the harshest environments.

Our ability to repolish and repair mirrors can reduce replacement costs in systems where there will always be some chemical attack.

In some applications uncoated polished Tungsten reflectors mirrors can solve optical problems especially at high temperatures.

Polished Stainless steel mirrors are manufactured for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, brewing and nuclear industries where it is one of the few approved materials for use.

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