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SemeaTech’s 3cc Cesium Iodine Gamma Sensor Module consists of a cesium iodide crystal, a photodiode, and a high-gain preamplifier that can be used to measure X and γ radiation from 50keV to 3MeV. It features high sensitivity and an instant response time (of about a second) to a very minor change of X and γ ( 0.01 μSv/h ).

The sensor is housed in a 45x24x18±0.5mm metal housing with a cable of approx. 55mm as the connection interface. The connector is a 4-pin MOLEX PicoBlade 1.25mm (.049″) connector (reference Molex connector, part no. 51021-0400).

Electric Characteristics:

  • Output:  A full width at half maximum of approximately 60 µs quasi-gaussian pulse
  • Power: 2.7V ~ 3.3V
  • Bias: 30V recommended, maximum 50V
  • Noise Level: 80mV±15mV at room temperature

Detection Performance:

  • Energy Detection Range: 50keV to 3MeV
  • Signal amplitude: 0.9V±0.1V @662keV
  • Detection efficiency: 25000±20% count/uSv @662keV
  • Noise Temperature Effect: Refer to PIN Diode Characteristics
  • Working Temperature: -20° to 50°
  • Life Span: 5 years


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